More than Moves: Lawrenceville Dance

Lawrenceville’s biggest dance event of the year, the Spring Dance Concert, is just days away. On April 26-27, the Kirby Arts Center will spring to life at 8:00 p.m. with dances choreographed and performed by Lawrentians. Some are experienced dancers and others are new to the art, but what they all share is so much more than simply moving across the stage. Behind the ballet, jazz, and hip-hop there is commitment, confidence building, creativity, and communication. “Dance has given me the opportunity to dedicate myself to a beautiful art form that lets me escape this world and be in touch with who I truly am,” said Natalia Ibarra ’20. Find out more from Ibarra and three of her fellow artists why dance is so meaningful to them.
“Dance has taught me that if you want something in life, the only way you can achieve it is with hard work. When school was stressful or if there was drama, I could walk into the studio and forget about everything. I could focus on one task, and put all of my energy into becoming the best I could be. Without dance, I wouldn’t be as strong physically or mentally.” – Scarlett Tapiero ‘22
“Dance is truly the art form that has inspired me to continue with something that I’m passionate about. [It has] also taught me that no matter how difficult or frustrating something is, stick with it because sooner or later it will pay off.” – Isabel Sung ‘22
“[As a choreographer] though it often felt like I was shouldering a large responsibility by demanding hard work from the girls in my dance while also having to make sure they weren’t overworked, the dancers always impressed me with their determination and willingness to practice to get things right, especially when they struggled to execute the choreography I had envisioned. They taught me that dance was a team effort between the dancers and the choreographer and that communication was key to making a happy and comfortable environment for dancing.” – Isabelle Peng ‘19
“Dance is my passion. It’s that simple. It has affected my life in countless ways, some of them I know and some of them are still to be discovered. It’s hard and brutal, but it gives a person an indescribable feeling of success and love that arguably cannot be attained through any other means. Dance is a blessing and a curse, but more often than not the former.” – Natalia Ibarra ‘20
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