Big Red Profile: Serena Chen ‘19

Margaret Waldman ‘21
Serena Chen ‘19, captain of the girls’ varsity golf team, is on a mission to reclaim Big Red’s status as both MAPL and Mercer County Tournament champion this year.
Margaret Waldman: How long have you been playing and what made you start and stick with it?
Serena Chen: I have been playing since I was seven. I stayed with it because I enjoyed the game. I would play with my friends and it was a good way to relax and hang out. As I got into it more it was also about the competition.
MW: What's your favorite part about the sport?
SC: I like how relaxing golf is. It can be intense sometimes in tournaments because there are parents or coaches that will watch. It is great when you are playing with your friends, in practice we all get along and cheer each other on and support each other.
MW: What is the outlook for the team this year, strengths and weaknesses?
SC: Last season we played well but we had some disappointments a couple of times. So, this season we are looking towards the bigger tournaments like Mercer County and MAPLs which we haven’t won since my freshman year and we really want to try to do that this year.
MW: Do you have any sports or hobbies outside of golf and what are they?
SC: I ran track in the winter of my sophomore and junior years. In terms of hobbies, I like the outdoors in general, like hiking and traveling.
MW: Do you plan to keep playing golf in college or beyond?
SC: I definitely want to play recreationally in the future. I think it is a really good sport because you can play until you're really old. I plan to play well into my older years.
MW: Is there anything else you want to share about the team?
SC: This spring break, Coach [Ron] Kane took our team to Myrtle Beach [South Carolina] for our training trip that was super fun. Also, this year our team has really bonded and regardless of how we do this season it will still be a good experience for all of us.
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