Musician of the Week: Sally Thomas ‘19

Zoe Thierfelder '19
Sally Thomas ‘19 is a very talented instrumentalist and vocalist, performing as both a trumpet player in the Lawrenceville Jazz band and an alto singer in The Lawrentians. Come and see her sing with The Lawrentians in the Spring Choral Concert on Friday, April 12 at 7:00 p.m. in the Edith Memorial Chapel. All are invited to attend this free concert.
Zoe Thierfelder: Sally, this Friday you’ll be performing singing with The Lawrentians at Lawrenceville’s Spring Choral Concert. What are you most excited for?
Sally Thomas: We have a great program of songs for Friday, some that we’ve been rehearsing since September and others that we started soon after Lessons and Carols [in December]. One song in particular that I’m most excited to perform is a song called “Spasiniye.” Between the Russian lyrics and powerful dynamics, it has definitely been a challenge to learn, but it is a beautiful song and one that we are all very proud of.
ZT: Every great musician has their start somewhere, so when did you first start singing?
After having played instruments for a few years, I joined my middle school’s all-girls choir in fifth grade and continued through eighth. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to continue with singing through high school, but my first year in Lawrenceville Singers showed me that choral singing was something I did want to pursue here, and I haven’t regretted it since.
ZT: Have you encountered any hardships or challenges in your time as a musician? If so, what were they?
I play the trumpet, and typically, it’s rare for girls to play brass instruments. When I was in middle school, I played in an out-of-school orchestra as the only girl out of eleven trumpet players, and that was very hard socially. There still aren’t many girls in the Jazz Band here, but it’s something that I expect and have gotten used to over time. Also, last year, I switched from the orchestra to jazz after playing classical trumpet since fourth grade, so learning the new scales and attempting improvisation have made the transition challenging.
ZT: What is your favorite part about performing with Lawrentians?
ST: We spend three to four E periods rehearsing each week, so we love performing to show the work that we’ve done in rehearsals all year. I especially love the feeling right at the end of a song when we can still hear the last chord echoing through the Chapel. We often sing best when we have an audience, and that feeling of pride after finishing a song and knowing it went well is unmatched.
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