Gachegua ’20 Elected Student Body President

Cherie Fernandes ‘21/The Lawrence
Congratulations to Tay Gachegua ’20 on being elected student body President for the 2019-20 School year. Gachegua’s campaign platform focuses on reforms in four branches of Lawrenceville life: School meeting, House life, social life, and academics. He plans to implement his proposed policy changes in the fall by collaborating with Student Council over the summer in order to hit the ground running.
“As the current President of Dickinson House, I understand that a President should not be someone who dictates from above, but instead leads on the ground. I am the person for the job,” Gachegua stated in his platform description.
Gachegua’s platform outlines where he will focus his efforts as student body President. He recognizes that major reforms should be made to School meeting structure, including inviting speakers whose content does not further a socio-political agenda, and to include more games to keep students engaged. He notes that students enjoy competition and thus aims to host activities including eating contests, School-wide Kahoot!, and House President face-offs. He would also like to introduce a “TWISAL Top 10,” a highlight reel similar to ESPN’s Top 10, in order to keep the student body up to date on recent campus events.
In addition, Gachegua presented plans to improve academic life by creating a formalized peer tutoring system, a library “Book Bank” to encourage free reading, and the concept of a “regrade” to ensure academic fairness. The re-grade option would allow students to anonymously request one regraded assignment per term after consulting with a teacher to review their work. .With sufficient reason, the student may then appeal to the department head to request a regrade.
Gachegua also drew attention to social life at Lawrenceville by presenting plans such as a “Bowl Bash,” an all-School party in the Bowl to end the spring term together as a community. He also outlined events such as a students vs. faculty sports day and an all-School talent show, noting that this would be a way for the School’s diverse student body to showcase its skills. Gachegua expressed his intention to include more inter-House competitions such as “SmEating” and halftime competitions. According to Gachegua, more opportunities to earn House points would reduce the likelihood of huge disparities in House Cup rankings.
On receiving the news of his election, Gachegua said, “I’m absolutely ecstatic. […] I thank every single person that has voted for me and hasn’t voted for me. This was a long journey, and I’m happy that I managed to get through it with the people I did. I’m ready to take on the challenge of [serving as] President and I promise I’ll be the voice that I said I would be.”
During this past Thursday’s School meeting, Gachegua and fellow Presidential finalist Casey Rogerson ’20 participated in a debate followed by the student vote. After vice presidents and representative positions have been selected, the election process for the next Student Council will end with current student body President Trevor White ’19 passing the torch to Gachegua at the Commencement ceremony in June.
For additional information, please contact Lisa M. Gillard Hanson, director of Public Relations, at

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