Audrey Safir ’20 Wins Sci-Fi Short Story Competition

Congratulations to Audrey Safir ’20, who won the Lawrenceville Comic-Con Sci-Fi Short Story Contest with her piece, “Mr. Morningstar.” The challenge, according to Ian August, Inter-Library Loan and Outreach Assistant, was to write a short story with a sci-fi/fantasy/magic realism theme in no more than 100 words. Enjoy Safir’s story!
“Mr. Morningstar”
By Audrey Safir ‘20
He didn’t look scary. A thin man sitting cross-legged in a black chair, I wouldn’t have
thought he was dangerous. Not like they said.
I reach into my back pocket, fingering bills. “How much do you want?”
“No need for that,” he replies. He leans forward, flashing pearl teeth. “The question, my
hair-challenged friend, is what you want.” I rub the bald patch on my head, considering the years
passed, the years spent alone.
“Love,” I answer softly. “Preferably blond.” I stretch out my arm, watching it hover in
front of him. “Deal?” He laughs, dark eyes flashing red.
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