Big Red Profile: Kenneth Garcia ‘19

Tai Tatum ‘19
Five Big Red varsity baseball players graduated last year, but the team’s younger athletes are stepping up to the plate. Team Captain Kenneth Garcia ’19 is leading the charge.
Tai Tatum: When did you start playing baseball?
Kenneth Garcia: I started playing baseball when I was five. As a Dominican child born in the Bronx, it was kind of a given that I would get into the sport. Baseball was always massive around me growing up, so I had gotten into it at a really early age.
TT: What do you love most about the sport?
KG: I love how much each play can matter. Situations with two outs and a runner in scoring position always get me pumped. And with baseball being such a low scoring game, one at bat can change a runner coming into the plate and change the outcome entirely. Although the games can be so long, each pitch has to be treated with equal attention and tenacity.
TT: Which baseball player is your role model?
KG: David Wright. Although people have always questioned why I’m not a Yankees fan, it just wasn’t the team I was surrounded by. My dad has always been a New York Mets fan and as an infielder growing up, David Wright has always been someone I looked up to. He was always loyal to the Mets and, as the face of the team during my childhood, he was always my favorite player.
TT: How is the team doing so far? How is the team atmosphere?
KG: The team is doing fine, in my opinion. We’ve definitely run into some challenges early on in our games, but each game I can really see us improving. It’s the same thing our coaches tell us after each game; regardless of the outcome, we’re improving, and really fast, in fact. In terms of looking forward, we need to cut down on our errors and work harder at being more aggressive early on in games, as we’ve found ourselves usually being the team forced to come back in recent games.
TT: What important advice have you received from your coach?
KG: Keep striving to improve. We play a ton of games this season, and losing can be extremely demoralizing, especially when a small error can cost the team the game. Having the drive to get better and maintaining that determination is the one thing that we can do if we want success this season.
TT: What are you looking forward to this season?
KG: I’m looking forward to our conference games. In past years I’ve always enjoyed playing Blair, Hill, and Hun, as they’ve always given us some nail biters and down to the wire games. Our game against Blair next week is one that I’m especially looking forward to, as they ended our season last year. It’ll be nice getting them back for that one.
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