Big Red Profile: Benjamin Fiske ‘19

Natalia Ibarra ‘20
Benjamin Fiske ‘19, co-captain of this year’s varsity golf team, shares his passion for golf and his hopes for the 2019 season.
Natalia Ibarra: When did you start playing golf? What has kept you playing?
Benjamin Fiske: I started playing when I was around 10. I was in Florida with my parents on vacation and my dad and I went to get a golf lesson. He hadn’t really ever played either so it was a new thing for both of us. After that moment I really liked golf and I was hooked. We got back to New Jersey and I kept wanting to go out and play and try to get better.
What has kept me playing mainly just the desire to improve. I’m really driven to improve my game every summer, every time I’m on the course. It’s very important to me. In addition, I just like going out there and having a fun and relaxing time. It’s definitely a very fun sport for me to play.
NI: What are some career highlights?
BF: A major career highlight was this past October I shot my best, which was an even par, 72, to win a junior tournament. That was a big moment for me, it was the first time I shot an even par. The first time I shot an even par in 18 holes.
Another fun moment was last spring when I played in a match at Blair and shot another even par on nine holes, an even par of 35. I got [Lawrenceville] Athlete of the Week, which was definitely not expected.
Another good memory I have is when I was twelve, and I broke 100 for the first time on 18 holes. I was nine yards away from the green and I hole out from there to break 100 which was a pretty big moment for me.
NI: What does the team dynamic look like this year?
BF: I’m a little worried about our team record. This year we haven’t started off on that good of a note. We lost our first couple of matches. Looking towards the future I definitely am optimistic because in our junior varsity and 4th-10th position spots we have people who have room to improve for the future. We also have some freshman and sophomores that look like they can be up and comers so it does look better for the future.
NI: Do you have an extracurriculars outside of golf? What are they?
BF: I’m the president of the Math Club, which is very important to me. I was president last year and this year. I do The First Amendment, international editor this year and an associate editor last year. I’d say that golf is the most important extracurricular for me. I not only play on the team but I play in tournaments during the summer.
NI: Do you plan to keep playing golf in college and beyond?
I will try to play in college depending on where I go. If I go to a Division III school I think I have a decent chance of making the team of as a walk on. I am definitely going to try. If I go to a Division I school I will probably end up playing club golf. Beyond college I’d love to keep playing during my adult life and if I can get better in college who knows where I’ll go with it.
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