The New Lawrentians are Coming! The New Lawrentians are Coming!

Tom Southworth, Interim Dean of Enrollment Management
Here in late April with 99% of our openings filled, I am happy to report Lawrenceville has had a spectacular admission season. Our new students span both the United States and the globe as they come from California, Bahrain, South Carolina, Columbia, Minnesota, Thailand, Alaska, Barbados, Colorado, Canada, Ohio, Kazakhstan, Wisconsin, Ukraine, Virginia, China, Alabama, The UAE, South Dakota, Monaco, Texas, Somalia, and Michigan with 13 more states and 13 more countries not named here. Yes, Lawrenceville has a long, as in loooooong reach!
This geographic diversity is certainly impressive, but it is at least matched, if not surpassed, by the diversity of their accomplishments. Due to the breadth and depth of this applicant pool their academic achievements are sparkling as their standardized testing and GPA’s are both chart toppers. Beyond that the group has within it a hefty sampling of student body presidents, debate champions, authors (did you write published short stories when you were an eighth grader? Me neither!), science fair champions, national calibre athletes, champions of community service, MathCounts winners, highly skilled coders, the list goes on and on. And underlying all of these talents, they are just nice kids. We are thrilled to have them coming our way. We are lucky to have them coming our way.
Yes, these new Lawrentians have already done much, accomplished much. They have rightly earned a place here. But what is most exciting is the anticipation of what they will do in their years here. We have every confidence that they will engage with all of the opportunities awaiting them at this great school. All too soon they will be receiving their Lawrenceville diplomas having compiled an enviable list of accomplishments on their way to graduation. Watch them and you’ll see.
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