Big Red Profile: Katherine McGrath ‘19

Miranda Cai ‘20
Fifth Former Katherine McGrath is off to West Point next year to serve her country, continue her studies, and compete in javelin. This spring has been her first term throwing on behalf of the Lawrenceville’s varsity track and field team, and she’s already broken 1999 School record, throwing 120’11.” She’s currently top ranked in New Jersey in the event.
Miranda Cai: What made you switch from softball to track this term?
Katherine McGrath: Over the summer, I learned and trained how to throw the javelin for the first time. Afterwards, I got recruited to go to college at West Point to throw the javelin, so it was a big factor in my decision.
MC: Did you ever imagine that you would break the School record on your first try at the javelin?
KM: To be honest, I did look at what the School record was when the season first started. Although I didn’t think that I was going to have it on the first try, I did expect to get very close to that mark during the season.
MC: Do you think you’ll ever try other events?
KM: I’ve tried discus just for laughs, so it was definitely interesting. But I don’t really see myself pursuing that competitively in the future.
MC: Is there any advice you’d like to give to students who are hesitant in trying a new sport?
KM: I would say to definitely find something that plays to your strengths and just go for it, because it’s really a leg up in the college process and it makes things a lot clearer and easier to have coaches guiding you through the whole way.
MC: What are the team dynamics like?
KM: I like track a lot better than other sports that I’ve played, because it’s co-ed and it’s more of a normal social dynamic with a wider array of people. There are different talents of course, and it’s not just one event or one skill, but many different types.
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