Big Red Profile: Biren Reddy ‘19

Madeleine Tsung ‘21
Fifth Former Biren Reddy is the captain for the boys’ varsity tennis team. He enjoys the tennis community at Lawrenceville. Reddy also trains for tennis outside of school and will be playing Division III tennis at the University of Chicago in the coming school year.
Madeleine Tsung: When and why did you start playing tennis?
Biren Reddy: I started playing when I was five, but I didn’t take it seriously until I was 10 or 11 and that’s when I started actually training. Why? Well, it was because it was just another sport that I played as a little kid, something for me to do. When I was really little, my grandfather tied a tennis ball to a string, strung it up, and would have me whack it. I guess that’s where my interest [in tennis] started.
MT: What do you love most about tennis?
BR: I just really enjoy being on the court and playing. It’s a really good feeling when you’re playing well. [Tennis] is an individual sport, so it’s an experience you wouldn’t necessarily get in any other team sports in terms of competitiveness. You really are by yourself and you’re solely responsible for what happens on the court. I like the responsibility that comes along with it because when you win, it’s all you.
MT: How do you juggle extracurriculars and other sports along with tennis?
BR: I am in the jazz band. I don’t play any other sports. To be a high-level tennis player, you really can’t play anything else. You have to dedicate all your time [to tennis] because it’s a 12 month season. I’m just going from tournament to tournament, over and over again, so there’s really no time for anything else. In terms of managing school, it’s been really difficult for me. I’ve definitely learned very important time management skills. [For example] making sure that if I have a tournament I get as much work done before so when I’m there I can just focus on doing the best that I can.
MT: What are your goals for the future and do you plan to continue tennis in college?
BR: I’m just trying to get the most out of my ability and get 100% of everything that has been given to me in terms of natural talent. And make sure that I work hard every day when I’m on the court and compete hard during matches.
In terms of ranking, I’m pretty much done with juniors because I’m going to college next year, so I guess you can say in college [my goal is] to be a top Division III player.
MT: How is the tennis team dynamic at Lawrenceville different than other sports team you’ve participated in?
BR: Because tennis is a fully individual sport, when I’m not on the team I’m fully focused on myself, and my goal is the most important thing. But when you’re on a team, especially when you’re captain, you have to factor in the goals of everybody and the greater good of the team. I definitely like being a part of a team because tennis is a lonely sport. When you’re on the court you’re really just by yourself. So, it’s nice to have a group of other guys that do the same thing as you. We’re all pretty close.
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