Big Red Robotics Finishes Strong at State Championships

Tiffany Lin ’20 and Andrew Zheng ‘20
Last month, the Big Red Robotics Team competed in the First Tech Challenge State Championship at Columbia High School, Maplewood, N.J. At the state championship, the team made it to the semi-finals and emerged with an award for documentation, a nomination for the Rockwell Collins Innovate Award, and valuable experience from their first time at the state-level championship. Big Red qualified for the championship with their strong performance at the Southern League Tournament on February 10.
Team members Christian Luu ‘19, Andrew Xu ‘19, Nikhil Ajjarapu ‘20, Darin Khan ‘20, Tiffany Lin ‘20, Jack Wragan ‘20, Andrew Zheng ‘20, Mason Du ‘21, and Ryan Zhang ‘21 attended the competition under the supervision of Science Master Darcy Brewer and Chief Technology Officer Marquis Scott. The championship hosted 48 teams, each one from various qualifying competitions in the Southern, Central, and Northern regions of New Jersey.
The team has been making steady progress since its first competition season 2016. “After coming so close last year, it was great to see the team move onto the state championships by winning the league tournament,” said David Laws, the team mentor, Science Master, and Dean of Academics. For this year’s challenge, the team persistently worked on prototyping, testing, and documenting the robot. When the team encountered problems, everybody gave their best effort towards making better solutions, such as a more reliable program or a more efficient mechanism. “They worked incredibly hard and took our ability to design and fabricate a robot to the next level through CAD and various other techniques,” said Laws. The team has learned a lot from competing this year is looking forward to the upcoming season.
The team would also like to thank all of their mentors, including Laws, Mary Calvert (Science Master), and Rex Brodie (Director of Design and Fabrication for the Gruss Center of Art and Design). Their supervision and patience throughout the competition season enabled the team to succeed.
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