April 26-27: Spring Dance Concert Gets Wilder

Lawrenceville is about to “Get Wilder” ... at the 2019 Spring Dance Concert (SDC)! Don’t miss the premier dance event of the year, April 26-27 in the Kirby Arts Center, beginning at 8:00 p.m. No tickets necessary, open seating.
Lawrenceville choreographers, dancers, musicians, costumers, production crew, faculty, staff, and alumni have teamed up to present a truly magical program. From Indian dance to ballet – and everything in between, SDC is an evening not to be missed.
The En Corps Council has declared this year’s SDC theme as “Get Wilder,” both in honor Derrick Wilder (director of Dance) and the Council’s hopes to “learn to embrace the excitement of the moment. . . . By living the theme and dancing with the same passion on stage, we hope to inspire the broader Lawrenceville community to live their truest, most authentic lives.”
Wilder said, “Spring Dance Concert is the pinnacle of what the Lawrenceville Dance Program stands for, as we look to our past history, honor our present, and look with high hopes to a future of great promise. Our Dance Program, by embracing and engaging everything social, economic, environmental, gender-related, or of diversity, empowers our students ‘to inspire the best in each to seek the best for all.’
Spring Dance Concert Program
(In order of performance)
“Nachale Nakhra,” choreographed by Anika Bagaria, Samika Hariharan, and Shriya Annamaneni
“Lead Your Own Party,” choreographed by Izzy Sweeney and Lily Murphy
“Hide Away,” choreographed by Kate Deskey
“The Tides are Changing,” choreographed by Jasmine Zhang and Natalia Ibarra
“Crown,” choreographed by Abby Sieler and Isabelle Lee
“Collision,” choreographed by Evelyn Dugan
“Six Feet Under,” choreographed by Ivy Zhang
“Snowcaps,” choreographed by Derrick Wilder
“The Coven,” choreographed by Kristin Devine ‘10
“Feel Alive,” choreographed by Merrin Foltz and Isabelle Peng
“Alright it’s Rolling,” choreographed by Alex Baker
“Fire it Up,” choreographed by Bailey Foltz
“Rockelbel’s Canon,” choreographed by Erika Mero
“Feel it Still,” choreographed by Madeleine Tsung
“Kpuu Kpaa – A Distraction,” choreographed by Amaris Hernandez, Ijeamaka Achebe, and Natalie Carr
“Uniformity,” choreographed by Lily Vore
“Order v. Chaos,” choreographed by Derrick Wilder
For additional information, please contact Lisa M. Gillard Hanson, director of Public Relations, at lgillard@lawrenceville.org.

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