Big Red Profile: Charlotte Albert, Meg Barnes, & Meg Hillman

Madeleine Tsung ‘21
This year’s varsity girls’ lacrosse captains, Fifth Formers Charlotte Albert, Meg Barnes, and Meg Hillman have worked to create a spirited and close environment for the team. The captains have a shared goal for the team to obtain the Triple Crown – winning the Mercer County Tournament, the Mid-Atlantic Prep League, and New Jersey State Interscholastic Athletic Association Prep A titles. Albert, Barnes, and Hillman are headed to University of Richmond, Dartmouth, and Loyola University, respectively, as they continue their academic and athletic interests.
Madeleine Tsung: What do you enjoy most about lacrosse here at Lawrenceville?
Charlotte Albert: The best part of my day is going to practice after a long day at school, seeing girls that make me happy, and forgetting about outside problems as we step on the field. Along with playing, I really enjoy the traditions that Lawrenceville lacrosse has, from pre-game rituals to Splash, and the team itself.
Meg Barnes: For me, the part about Lawrenceville lacrosse that I love the most is the team and the coaches. Although each year the team has changed, the girls on it are hard-working and fun, and I look forward to practice or games every day because I get to be with my teammates.
Meg Hillman: I enjoy the team dynamic the most. We are able to go out to practice and escape our busy lives at Lawrenceville. Once we step on the field, all the stress from the class day goes away and the whole team is able to come together.
MT: Can you describe the team dynamic and what you like most about it?
CA: Lawrenceville lacrosse is a very unified team; we all look out for each other on and off the field. Despite what age the girls are, I love having 20 friends who I can go to for help, advice, etc.
MB: The team dynamic this year is really great and each grade brings something special to the team. We all love lacrosse and want to succeed, but we also want to have fun, which has made this season very enjoyable so far.
MH: I think our spring break trip to Nevada really helped our team mesh from the seniors all the way down to the freshman. We are all really close and bounce jokes right off of each other, yet we are able to always be there for one another.
MT: What do you consider to be your strengths and weaknesses as a lacrosse player?
CA: One of my strengths is that I can see the field, knowing when to pass or assist and creating smart attacking opportunities with teammates. However, I am still working on re-defending and anticipating the next pass by the other team.
MB: As a lacrosse player I would say one of my strengths is my hard-working nature and one of my weaknesses is cutting.
MH: I think I have good patience on the field, but I think I can get in my head mentally if we are taking on a tough team.
MT: You guys just had back-to-back games last week – how did they go?
CA: On Wednesday, we played a very strong team, Morrestown, ranked #1 in New Jersey. We were slightly tired in the first half, but gained momentum and fire in the second half, leading us to only lose by a few. On Thursday, we had a great team win. A plethora of people scored in the game, along with different players contributing to the defensive zone as well.
MB: We lost our game on Wednesday, but bounced back with a win on Thursday. We have a very tough schedule this year with all of our losses coming from teams that are ranked top 25 in the country. One of those teams was Moorestown, which we played on Wednesday. We started off the first half a little slow which got us in a hole, but then we had a really strong second half so I was proud of our effort. Then we were able to bounce right back on Thursday with a solid team win over Hunterdon Central. I was proud of the way our team played in both games because we always played hard and never gave up.
MH: On Wednesday 4/17 we played Moorestown. We were super stoked about the game all season because we had a huge win over them last year. I was only able to play the first 20 minutes due to an injury. The team ran with them, and I was proud to see that we won the second half. On Thursday 4/18, we played Hunterdon Central. I was not playing due to an injury and it was hard for me to watch everyone on the field, but the team played well and we came out with a win.
MT: What’s the hardest part about being a captain and especially being one of three captains?
CA: As a captain, the hardest part is making sure everyone is happy and content with Lawrenceville lacrosse, but one of the Megs’ and my goal is to create a comfortable team environment. A captain trio helps a lot, as we all have different traits and roles that all contribute to our unit. Yet, sometimes we have different views on things, a hard part of a trio, but we all compromise in the end.  
MB: This is my third season being captain, and none of them have been hard. The girls on the team make my job easy and I love being able to lead them on and off the field. Even though there are three captains, this adds no difficulty at all especially since we’re such good friends so communication has been perfect. We also have a lot of other girls on the team who aren’t captains but are such great natural leaders which again makes our jobs easy.
MH: Charlotte, Meg, and I do a really good job of being on the same page and being organized. We have a lot of meetings with Coach [Grace] Megaffin, Mr. [Tripp] Welbourne, and Mrs. [Emilie] Kosoff. The hardest part about being a captain is hyping people up for a game if it has been a slow day. Especially, if we are not playing well during warm-ups, it is hard for all three captains to get the girls out of their heads.
MT: Do you have any goals for the team in the coming years after you’ve graduated?
CA: As the schedule evolves and gets harder, I think it is really important to know that winning just doesn’t come easily, it takes a tremendous amount of effort and passion not only in the games but in practice. One of the goals that I have for the team is to acknowledge this and tofully apply the ‘one degree’ to every aspect of Lawrenceville lacrosse. Achieving this goal allows for the team to complete other goals, like getting Triple Crown!
MB: Triple Crown!!! The goal is always to win Triple Crown which is to win three championships: Mercer County, MAPL, and Prep A. But also just that everyone has a great time playing Big Red lacrosse.
MH: After I graduate, I want the team to keep being so close with the same dynamic and keep winning Triple Crown!! (MCT, States, MAPL Championship)
MT: Do you have any future plans for lacrosse?
CA: Yes. I am playing lacrosse at The University of Richmond next year.
MB: I’m going to play field hockey for Dartmouth.
MH: I am going to play lacrosse at Loyola University in Baltimore, Maryland.
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