Big Red Lacrosse Dedicates Game to OneLove Foundation

Tai Tatum ‘19
Lizzie Huesman ‘20, a member of the girls’ varsity lacrosse team, organized a charity game between the girls’ varsity lacrosse team and the Ridge High School for the OneLove Foundation on May 3. OneLove was founded in 2010 to honor Yeardley Love, a lacrosse player at the University of Virginia who was murdered by her boyfriend. This was the second year the girls’ team dedicated a game to OneLove. This year, Big Red raised over $700.
Tai Tatum: How has the OneLove charity game tradition evolved since last year?
Lizzie Huesman: We wanted to continue to educate more people in the school. In addition [to the game], after hearing a representative from OneLove, [Assistant Dean of Students] Mrs. [Emilie] Kosoff wants to take it one step further this year by possibly having prefects go through a training program with OneLove.
We had discussions to educate the new lacrosse players about healthy relationships and everything OneLove entails. We also set up a cookie fundraiser to raise money for the foundation. We sold cookies in Irwin and answered questions about why and what we are doing. We had printed cards with statistics about relationships that we gave to everyone.
TT: What is a major takeaway you got from organizing this experience?
LH: One of the main takeaways that our whole team had was the importance of communication. In lacrosse we always talk about how important communication is on defense, you need to talk to your team to know where they are, where you are, where the ball is, so that you can slide and help out whenever something goes wrong. And I think that's the same thing here because as a team we are very close knit and we all talk to each other, but through the presentation, we noticed how important it is to talk to others when you feel unsafe or even if you notice something unsafe going on with your friends or in their relationship itself. Knowing that you have your teammates to (communicate with) is just perfect.
TT: What inspired you to set up this charity game?
LH: I had always been interested in this organization because I had seen a college team do it a while ago, and my mom always tells me about the violence in the news, so I am usually up to date. Every year, my family choses a donation to donate to and one year we chose this because my dad, sister, and I are all lacrosse players. After [seeing the good work that OneLove does], I became really happy and wanted to work with them more. I thought this was a great thing to do with our team.
TT: How is the team doing?
LH: We added a lot more teams to our schedule that are tough but equal to our high level of play. We are playing Episcopal, Agnes Irwin, Ridgewood, Morristown, which are very talented teams, but we have put up a good fight against all of them. They are blowing out other teams we are playing, but we stuck right with them and we could have come out of the games winning. In that aspect, we are doing really well. In the games that we should be winning, we are winning.
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