Big Red Profile: Lina Olazabal ‘22

Miranda Cai ‘20
Second Former Lina Olazabal has already made her mark on Lawrenceville girls’ varsity golf team, where she is currently ranked second on the squad.
Miranda Cai: When and why did you start playing golf?
Lina Olazabal: My mom used to play golf when she was in college, and she wanted her daughter to learn how to play. I’ve been playing golf since I was really young.
MC: What other sports or extracurriculars do you do?
LO: I play field hockey during the fall and squash during the winter, and I’m also part of the robotics team.
MC: Do you play golf on a club team as well?
LO: I don’t play on a club team during school. I play in summer tournaments because golf’s main season is actually during the summer. So, I’m actually using my spring season here to prepare for that.
MC: What do you like most about the Lawrenceville team?
LO: I love our team so much—we’re such a great, tight group of girls. It’s just such a community and we know everything about each other.
MC: Lawrenceville recently played in the Mercer County Tournament, how did that go for you?
LO: I didn’t play as well as I hoped would, but Serena Chen, our captain, actually placed first which was really exciting for her. Our team also placed fourth overall.
MC: How does it feel to be one of the youngest members on the varsity team?
LO: It’s so much fun. All the older girls are like my older sisters; they’re always giving me tips on school life, which is really nice. I use their wisdom to guide me along.
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