61 Lawrentians Honored for Community Service

Lawrenceville welcomed 61 students into the McClellan Society this year, honoring these Lawrentians for their dedication to community service. The Society is named for Lawrenceville Head Master Bruce McClellan, who introduced the School’s community service requirement in 1981 in the belief that Lawrenceville should foster in its students a strong commitment to service to the greater community. Established in 2009, the McClellan Society honors a group of volunteers who have demonstrated this significant engagement.
Fourth and Fifth Form students are eligible for membership based upon their commitment to service. Their applications are reviewed by a committee led by the Community Service Department and comprised of students and faculty.
Members of the 2018-19 McClellan Society are: Inaya Ahmed, Alexandra Baker, Trisha Bansal, Samantha Bebel, Isabella Brown, Natalie Carr, Serena Chen, Dev Chhokra, Allison Chou, Elyssa Chou, Jonathan D'Souza, Merrin Foltz, Harry Foster, Caroline Friedman, Nick Gao, Shannon Groves, Ann Hait, Samika Hariharan, Darin Khan, Dami Kim, Carolyn King, Hunter Korn, Claire Leahy, Harrison Lee, Linda Li, Kate Liu, Rishi Mago, Ace Maines, Teddy Masterson, Katherine McGrath, Jillian Medina, Lisa Miller, Mikkel Nartey, Stephanie Owusu, Isabel Paine, John Park, Isabel Peng, Yukki Qui, Liana Raguso, Lauren Recto, Aly Rubenstein, Mullika Sahrawat, Divya Sammeta, Sid Sharma, Winstom Shum, Olivia Sieler, Claire Song, Brittany Sun, Tai Tatum, Andrew Tokarski, Ellie Vogel, Lillian Vore, Lydia Wilcox, Michael Woodley, Jacob Wu, Kevin Xiao, Andrew Xu, Alicia Yin, Jasmine Zhang, Nicholas Zhou, and Laura Zyinys.
Check out photos from Lawrenceville’s McClellan Society dinner on Flickr.
For additional information, please contact Lisa M. Gillard Hanson, director of Public Relations, at lgillard@lawrenceville.org.

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