Fourth Formers Jimmy Chen & Stephanie Owusu Win Mario Awards

Fourth Formers Jimmy Chen and Stephanie Owusu came to today’s School Meeting expecting to be informed and entertained. They didn’t anticipate receiving one of Lawrenceville’s most prestigious awards.
Congratulations to Chen and Owusu, recipients of 2019 Jeremy K. Mario Awards, given annually one Fourth Form resident of the Circle and one from the Crescent in honor of their contributions to their Houses and the greater Lawrenceville community. This award covers a significant amount of their Fifth Form tuition, includes a summer travel stipend, $2,000 for each recipient’s House, and $1,000 for a House celebration.
Mario awardees demonstrate an understanding of House traditions and disciplines, dedicating time and energy to maintaining their integrity. At the same time, they provide a light-hearted and selfless spirit that unites Lawrentians in a way that helps define the Lawrenceville House experience. The recipient is not only appreciative of and appreciated by Housemates but also respectful of and respected by the adults on the House Team.
Circle Director Etienne Bilodeau presented the Mario award to Chen, stating, “Jimmy Chen appears to be another quintessential Lawrentian -- intelligent, hardworking, and dedicated to his craft. But as you get to know and understand him you realize his passion, loyalty and selflessness is what truly makes him remarkable. He's understated and consistently displays a modest strength that others admire and respect. His devotion to his house and community is unmatched through his service and leadership as Kennedy House President and co-curricular involvement. He's kind, responsive and effective in his pursuits and strives to improve himself and others around him every day. He's a gifted young man who's motivated and spirited and constantly giving of himself for the benefit of others. He's a young man of high character and courage -- an overall incREDible person. Everyone should have a friend like Jimmy Chen.”  
Owusu received her award from Assistant Dean of Students Emilie Kosoff, who said, “Stephanie Owusu has had an outstanding career at Lawrenceville and in the Stanley House in particular. Nicknamed ‘Chef’ for her talents and generosity as our resident baker, she makes the House feel like a home. Hard working, kind, and contagiously cheerful, Steph is a tireless advocate and support of her Stanley sisters. The position of House President can be both a time-consuming and thankless job, but Steph has discharged that responsibility with her signature grace, enthusiasm, and goodwill. In addition, she has given nearly 400 hours to the School’s Community Service Program while earning High Honors in her classes throughout her time here. In short, Stephanie is an ideal Lawrentian, remarkable for her ability, dedication, and esprit de corps, and she is particularly well deserving of this distinction.”
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