Big Red Profile: Kaleb Mucius ‘19

Madeleine Tsung ‘21
Kaleb Mucius ‘19 is a dedicated member of the boys’ varsity lacrosse team. He enjoys the team spirit and is headed off to Lehigh University in the coming fall where he will playing football in the Patriot League.
Madeleine Tsung: When did you begin playing lacrosse and what has caused you to stick with it?
Kaleb Mucius:I began playing lacrosse my freshman year but I never began to take the sport seriously until my junior year at Lawrenceville. I have an unexplainable love for the game. I love the competition, the stick skills, and especially the hitting.
MT: Can you describe the team dynamic and what you like most about it?
KM: The team is a tight-knit group of boys who consider each other family. I love how on and off the field the guys on the team really enjoy being around each other, so there is more to it than just lacrosse.
MT: What do you consider to be your strengths and weaknesses as a lacrosse player?
KM: Well, although I feel that I have grown a lot as a lacrosse player over the last two years I do have weaknesses that I need to work on as a player. I need to work a lot on my stick skills and shooting to match some of my talented teammates. Some of the strengths that I bring to the team would include athleticism, footwork, and defense as the majority of my game is reliant on those things.
MT: How do you juggle your academics and sports commitments?
KM:Many times at Lawrenceville, I have found juggling all of my commitments difficult but for the most part, it is very manageable.
MT: What are your goals for the future and do you plan to continue lacrosse in college?
KM:The team and I have a lot of goals for the team as we are finishing up the season. We definitely look forward to competing in the National Prep School Lacrosse Tournament and we hope to come back with the trophy. In addition, one of our goals for the end of the season is to give [head] coach [Allen] Fitzpatrick the best year yet because sadly he will be retiring this year. Next year I will be playing football for Lehigh University in the Patriot League. Although this is the plan for next year, there is a possibility that I could walk on to their lacrosse team in the spring.
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