5 Questions 4: Anton Kandalin ‘19

What has Anton Kandalin ’19 learned as president of Lawrenceville’s Leadership in Ethics and Policy Club? Why would he like to interview Edward Snowden? What advice does the soon-to-be graduating Kandalin have for Lawrentians? Find out this and more in 5 Questions 4.
What’s the most important thing you’ve learned as president of the Leadership in Ethics and Policy Club?
Leadership in Ethics and Policy (LEAP) has taught me that I can gain a deeper understanding of the world by collaboratively asking and answering questions. Many of the best conversations of my life have occurred during LEAP meetings precisely because my classmates pushed me to defend even my most basic political views on philosophical grounds. I've learned to articulate practical policy solutions in a logical manner while having the humility to acknowledge when my own argumentation is flawed.
You recently co-moderated a discussion with Princeton University professor Robert George. If you could invite anyone else, living or dead, for a talk in the same setting, who would it be?
I'd probably invite someone like Edward Snowden--just because he's such a controversial figure. Some view Snowden as a hero, while others view him as a traitor. It would be fascinating to have Snowden participate in a Q&A session similar to the one that we did with Robert George.
What has been your favorite Lawrenceville class thus far?
I really enjoyed two classes: Civil Liberties and Honors Economics. In Civil Liberties, we looked at landmark Supreme Court cases as a way to explore the moral foundations of civil liberties in the United States; Mr. Fig pushed us to use our Harkness skills and to tackle each issue from multiple angles. I liked Honors Economics because I view economics as a fusion of mathematics, philosophy, politics, and psychology--everything that I'm interested in!
If you could have an all-expenses paid trip anywhere, where would you go?
I'd have to go to Spain, even though I've already been there twice. Spain has such a fascinating history and culture, and there are still many regions of the country that I have yet to visit. Also, the fact that I can speak Spanish means that I can experience Spain to its fullest.
What’s something every Lawrentian should do before he/she graduates?
Take advantage of the summer! After my freshman year, I spent my summer interning with New Jersey State Senator Linda Greenstein.
I wasn't particularly interested in politics until, through this internship, I realized that a complex system of principles guides public policy initiatives. I probably wouldn't have created LEAP and gotten involved with Lawrenceville's publications if it were not for this summer activity. Due to all of the experiences that ended up flowing from this initial internship, I am positioned to work at the Department of Commerce this summer. Simply put, your activities during the summer can influence what you end up doing during the school year and beyond.
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