Big Red Profile: Audrey Lazar ‘19

Miranda Cai ‘20
Tri-varsity student-athlete Audrey Lazar is heading off to Middlebury College in the fall, where she’ll compete in both field and ice hockey. She’s made her mark at Lawrenceville not only on the field and ice, but also on the track where she’s part of Lawrenceville’s School record-setting 4x200 outdoor relay team.
Miranda Cai: When did you start running and what made you start?
Audrey Lazar: So I actually just started running last year, and since I was a new junior I kind of just picked it up in the spring. I was initially going to play lacrosse but then I figured it would have been more of a time commitment, so I chose track instead and it ended up working out.
MC: What do you like most about the Lawrenceville team?
AL: I love the track team. The track members are really just great and the coaches are amazing, and especially because I was new to track everyone seemed super welcoming to me. The seniors last year kind of just pushed me into the program and integrated me into the team. The other seniors and then the underclassmen right now are phenomenal too, they all are very hard working and then they’re just great people. They’re fun to be around.
MC: Do you have any other goals to end the season with?
AL: So, this Thursday we have our Sprint Night meet, which is kind of a fun way to end the season. There are co-ed relays, so I’m looking forward to that since it’ll be fun to run with the boys and also against them in certain situations. Then, over the summer, a couple of us are heading to nationals, so we’re obviously hoping to do well against bigger schools and better teams. Honestly, we just want to break our own times and show that we’ve improved along the course of the season.
MC: What other sports do you do besides track?
AL: I play field hockey in the fall and then I play ice hockey in the winter.
MC: Do you plan on continuing track after high school?
AL: So, next year [at Middlebury] I’m actually planning on playing two sports [field hockey and ice hockey], so we’re kind of going to see how I get through the first two seasons and then we’ll cross that bridge when I get to it. I have thought about running track, but nothing is finalized and I didn’t want to commit to anything yet.
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