Big Red Profile: Aidan Kane ‘20

Natalia Ibarra ‘20
Aidan Kane ‘20 talks about Lawrenceville’s boys’ varsity team baseball team, his love of the New York Yankees, and what pro player he tries to emulate.
Natalia Ibarra: How did you start playing baseball?
Aidan Kane: Growing up, baseball was a big part of my life. My dad [English Master Ron Kane ‘83] played his whole life. He played in high school, here at Lawrenceville, and later in college. I got into baseball at a young age and it stuck with me ever since.
NI: Has your father given you any coaching or advice about playing baseball?
AK: My father gave me advice when I was growing up and, to this day, continues to do so. He has always been so supportive of me and has helped me become the player I am today. Although I may not always listen to his advice, I know he is just trying to help me out and make me a better player.
NI: What do you feel are your strengths as a player?
AK: I feel like a strength of mine is that I have a strong arm, which is good for playing third base, to get the ball across the diamond.
NI: What’s your favorite part of playing on Lawrenceville’s team?
AK: We are having a tough season, but the team is full of great guys and we all have a lot of fun. Practices are fun and, even when we are losing, we always make the games fun and give it our best effort. It is just a great group of guys, which make playing for this team really awesome.
NI: Do you hope to play baseball in college?
AK: At the moment, I am not looking to play baseball in college, but if the opportunity came around I would love to. I am coming up on my last season of high school baseball and am focusing on making it a great one and doing everything I can to improve in the offseason. I love the game and to continue it in college would be amazing.
NI: What's your favorite baseball team? Is there a major league player that you try to emulate?
AK: My favorite baseball team is the New York Yankees. Have and always will be a Yankee fan. Although I'm a Yankees fan, my favorite major league baseball player is Javier Baez, of the Chicago Cubs. He is a great fielder and is very versatile, by playing different positions. In a way, I do try to play like him, with confidence, leadership, and my best effort.
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