Science Master's Work Earns Cover of International Journal

Photography and collaborative research by Science Master John Clark have made the cover of the May issue of the International Journal of Plant Sciences.
Clark’s photo of Columnea tincta, the only species of Columnea that is endemic to Cuba, was shot on the summit of El Yunque de Baracoa mountain in Cuba. The image accompanies the Journal’s lead article, “Evolution of the Caribbean Species of Columnea (Gesneriaceae) with an Emphasis on the Jamaican Species,” research done by James F. Smith, Maggie T.-Y. Ooi, and Lacie J. Schulte (all of Boise State University), Keron C. St. E. Campbell and Judeen Meikle (both of the Natural History Museum of Jamaica), and Clark.
Clark’s research in both Cuba and Ecuador is the subject of an exhibit, “Teaching & Trekking through the Tropics,” in Lawrenceville’s Pop Hall. There, 24 images of new and thought-to-be extinct flowering plant species, by Clark are on display along with other photos . As the Aldo Leopold Distinguished Teaching Chair in Environmental Science and Ethics, Clark directs annual research expeditions during summer and spring breaks to Ecuador and Cuba for Lawrenceville School students where they too can participate in biodiversity scholarship through experiential learning.
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