2019-20 Prefects Selected

2019-20 Prefects Selected
Each year students are selected by Housemasters to spend their Fifth Form year living in Circle, Crescent, and Lower School Houses as senior prefects. Prefects help new students adjust to Lawrenceville, operate in support of House Councils and work closely with Housemasters in the governance of the residential Houses. Congratulations to:
Carter House: Laney Nicholson, Ingrid Xu, and Annie Nolan (Day)
Cleve House: William Dawson, Sal Natale, Andy Zheng, and Aidan Kane (Day)
Dawes House: Marta Baziuk (Perry Ross), Kate Gilman (Perry Ross), Dami Kim (Cromwell), Alannah Nathan (Cromwell), Anika Bagaria (Day) (Cromwell), Emily Matcham (Day, Perry Ross), Ellie Vogel (Day, (Perry Ross), and Ashley Warren (Day, Cromwell)
Dickinson House: Trey Croddick, Jason Wang, TJ Semptimphelter, and Matt Manahan (Day)
Griswold House: Alex Kowal, Joao Flores. Jayden McMillan, and Areeq Hasan (Day)
Hamill House: Tim Johnson, Johnny Nguyen, and CJ Vilfort
Kennedy House: Max Wong, Jimmy Chen, and Andrew Tokarski (Day)
Kirby House: Charlotte Frumkin, Maxima Molgat, Carolyn McLaughlin (Day), and Kate Partridge (Day)
McClellan House: Cate Levy, Ivanna Tavarez, Samika Hariharan (Day), and Victoria Dugan (Day)
Raymond House: Savon Rawlins, Chris Conyers, Jax Floyd, Nick Winkler, Deven Kinney (Day), Louis Sardain (Day), and Mikkel Nartey (Day)
Stanley House: Lauren Recto, Maggie Ross, Stephanie Owusu (Day), and Kelsey McAlister (Day)
Stephens: Jas Barco, Ellie DeCarlo, Amy Aririguzoh (Day), and Carolyn King (Day)
Woodhull: Nick Koca, Mike Rocco, Joe Rosen, and Jack Collins (Day)
For additional information, please contact Lisa M. Gillard Hanson, director of Public Relations, at lgillard@lawrenceville.org.

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