Boys’ Crew Makes History at Stotesbury Cup Regatta

Lawrenceville boys’ crew made history at the prestigious Stotesbury Cup Regatta in Philadelphia last weekend. According to Head Coach Ben Wright, it was the first time in Lawrenceville Crew program history at the event that:
All of the boys’ eights made it to the semi finals
Two of the boys’ eights earned spots in the grand finals at the same time
The junior eights not only made the grand final, but also won the bronze.
And, for only the second time in program history, the first eight rowed to the grand final.
Final results for the boys included:
The freshman eight rowing to sixth in the semi finals
The second eight finishing fourth in the semi finals
The first eight placed fifth in the grand final
Competing for Lawrenceville were:
Senior 8+: Kevin Shao (bow) Davis Muller (2), Andrew Tokarshi (3), Fabrizio Serena di Lapigio (4), Salvatore Natale (5), Gardner Howe (6), Thomas Scholtz (7), Nicholas Clark (stroke), Stephen Leung (cox).
Second 8+: Ethan Markel (bow), Matt Laws (2), Chris Delaney (3), Andy Zheng (4), Eric Morais (5), Guy Ferrera (6), George Wright (7), Ben Polaski (stroke), Jack Hallinan (cox)
Junior 8+: Gil Vincente (bow), Grayson Miller (2), Harrison Abromavage (3), Nicholas Zhou (4), Cal Wilson (5), Edan Blecher (6), Darin Khan (7), Hunter Allen (stroke), Mak Kalwachwala (cox)
Freshman 8+: William Carrier (bow), Brandon Williams (2), Michael Fessler (3), Gian Beritela (4), Kieran Hamilton (5), Joshua Cigoianu (6), Russell Clark (7), Andrew Lenkowsky (stroke), Arnav Aggarwal (cox)
Watch the 2019 Stotesbury Cup Regatta. Junior eights semis at 1:25:00, second eights semi final at 3:08:30, senior eight semifinal at 4:55:50, junior eight final at 7:31:45, and senior eight final at 10:31:30.
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