2019-20 Yearbook Editors Named

Editors-in-Chief Kaitlyn Crosby, Alannah Nathan, and Jasmine Zhang will lead the School yearbook, The Olla Podrida, in 2019-20. The “Olla Pod” editorial staff will include:
Senior Pages
Victoria Scholtz (Executive)
Parrish Albahary (Executive)
Sydney McCormack
Aileen Cui
Lizzie Huesman
Hazel Shaus
Caroline Steib
Jacqueline Chen
Jacob Friedland
Louise West
Parent Ads
Ingrid Xu (Executive)
Mandy Vogel (Executive)
Maxima Molgat (Executive)
Houston Kilby
Caroline Foster
Stephanie Kim
Claire Rubenstein
Didi Ross
Margaret Waldman
Marcos Maldacena (Executive)
Ellie Vogel (Executive)
Jermaine Marshall
Chris Delaney
Ellie Decarlo
Annie Katz
Matt Laws
Spencer Lee
Student Life
Annie Nolan (Executive)
Kelsey McAlister (Executive)
Ava Conyer
Rachelle Cho
Amelia Devine
Kate Blundin
Kate Reilly
Sophie Guettel
Scarlet Tapiero
Residential Life
Jotutas Ramoska (Executive)
Libby Ford (Executive)
Ashley Pontillo
Kristen Li
Sophia Pedretti
Mercy Fey
Abby Sieler
Allison Williams
Celia Cangiano
Stephanie Owusu (Executive)
Christine Cheng
Sydney Chun
Pashmina Khan (Executive)
Alex Pang (Executive)
Nolan Lee
Maddy Tsung
Jay Kadire
Nikita Coppisetti
Anabelle Owusu
Ellie Shin
Tiffany Yeung
Sabrina Yeung
For additional information, please contact Lisa M. Gillard Hanson, director of Public Relations, at lgillard@lawrenceville.org.

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