5 Questions 4: Mikkel Nartey ‘20

What advice does Mikkel Nartey ’20 have for day students who want to participate fully in the School community? Why did this rising Fifth Former want to volunteer at School Camp? And what bands does he recommend? Find out this and more in 5 Questions 4.

What’s your top suggestion for new day students who want to make sure they participate fully in the School community?
Every new day student should take the opportunity to fully experience Lawrenceville, and one of the main ways to do this is to experience what the boarders experience, which is staying overnight and staying on Sundays. By no means am I saying to stay over in yours friend’s room every other night, but occasionally it is nice to see how your House operates during study hall and even after. For lacrosse captain's practices last year, I would be on campus on Sundays, and quickly found out that Sunday Brunch was by far the best meal Lawrenceville offered, but very few day students knew about it because they were at home.
Why did you want to be a SCAMP (Lawrenceville School Camp) counselor?
I wanted to be a SCAMP counselor for several reasons. I had learned from upperclassmen who had attended SCAMP that it had been a very fun and rewarding experience, for them, and because I had the time over my summer to be a counselor, I decided to apply. Not only did I build intimate relationships with many of the campers who I still talk to today, but I made relationships with other Lawrentians that I might not have met otherwise, and these have become some of my closest friends. I look forward to returning for a second session this summer with a new group of counselors, and being able to see some of the campers again.
What is your favorite Lawrenceville event?
House Olympics has always been my favorite Lawrenceville occasion. From watching on the edge of the Bowl my Second Form year, to actively participating my Third and Fourth Form years, I've grown to love the House traditions and overall competitiveness of the day. Although the mighty Hamill House did not end up winning either of my two years, I had lots of fun growing and bonding with my Housemates, which was really what it's all about.
What artist or band do you always recommend when someone asks for a music recommendation?
Along with the vast majority of teens today, I do very much enjoy modern hip-hop and pop, but beginning in middle school I developed an appreciation for older music, specifically bands that performed in the 60's like the Beach Boys and the Grateful Dead, along with later bands like the Red Hot Chili Peppers and AC/DC. Whenever my friends are not in the mood to listen to today's music, I suggest hits from bands like these.
What should every prospective student ask his/her tour guide?
Every Lawrenceville student should ask his/her tour guide about specific extracurricular activities that he/she might be interested in. What many touring students don't know is that the Admission Office attempts to match them up with current students who have similar interests, and likely are knowledgeable about said activities. Even if the school doesn't currently offer a specific type of club or extracurricular, students have the opportunity to create their own clubs after filling out a short application. Each club also gets funds to host events and carry out larger activities, so anything a Lawrenceville student would want to do outside of schoolwork is really up to them.
For additional information, please contact Lisa M. Gillard Hanson, director of Public Relations, at lgillard@lawrenceville.org.

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