Time Is Running Out to Support The Lawrenceville Fund This Year!

The end is near, and we need your help now more than ever to give every Lawrenceville student the chance to make an incREDible impact on the world! Your gift to The Lawrenceville Fund before June 30th has immediate impact and helps sustain all the traditions that define the Lawrenceville experience.
There’s still time left to make a gift before June 30th. Here, in no particular order, are 10 great reasons you should support The Lawrenceville Fund this year:

  1. You, your son or daughter learned that lifelong friendships can be made over cold pizza.
  2. You discovered a hidden talent in a class you never thought you would take.
  3. Your teammates cheered you when you scored – and consoled you when you didn’t.
  4. You run out of fingers counting the teachers who amazed you class after class.
  5. You actually miss sitting at a Harkness table.
  6. Your housemaster is your friend on Facebook.
  7. You wish your job had Head Master’s days.
  8. You still remember how it felt to Beat Hill!
  9. You would proudly fly your House flag if you owned one.
  10. You compare every other school to Lawrenceville.
The Fund year ends on June 30. Make your gift today!

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