Big Red Profile: Victoria Dugan ’20 & Ashley Warren ‘20

Kajal Dongre ‘22
This fall season, Fifth Formers Victoria Dugan and Ashley Warren are co-captains of the girls’ varsity volleyball team for the second consecutive year. Dugan has been on the team since her Third Form year and Ashley since Second Form. The two student-athletes are excited to see what the season will bring.
What’s the team dynamic like this year?
We are thrilled at our team this season. We have a lot of new talent and athletes that we can’t wait to get to know. There’s a lot of energy on the court and in practice and everyone is really supportive of each other. As teammates, we are always pushing each other to be at our best and there’s a bond that we all share.
What’s the biggest challenge about being captains?
This is our second year as captains and it took us by surprise how much the team relied on us, both on the court and off. This year we want to step up even more and establish a stronger connection with our teammates. As co-captains, we want to push our team to be the best it can be, especially because everyone is very hardworking.
What position do you play?
Victoria Dugan: Center
Ashley Warren: Outside hitter
What’s your favorite part about being on the volleyball team?
Volleyball as a sport requires a lot of energy and a lot of hype. The game itself is really engaging and exciting. Everyone is enthusiastic and passionate and it’s something really special and unique to be a part of. We love being co-captains and working together to lead this amazing group of girls.
What’s your biggest goal for the season?
We want to win NJISAA tournament this season!
Big Red is currently 3-1 – cheer them on today at 5:15 p.m. when they take on Notre Dame High in the Lavino Field House.

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