Big Red Profile: Isabelle Monaghan ’20 & Bettina Tapiero ‘20

Kajal Dongre ‘22
This fall season, Fifth Formers Isabelle Monaghan and Bettina Tapiero are co-captains of the girls’ varsity water polo team. They have been on the team together since freshman year and are excited about how the season is going. They love working together and balance each other out well as teammates and co-captains.
Kajal Dongre: What is the team dynamic like this year?
Isabelle Monaghan: The team dynamic is already really strong, and we are getting closer as teammates. The water polo team is made up of girls from all grades and different Houses, but despite that we are all supportive of one another. The team is also larger this year and it is a lot of fun training with this group of girls.
Bettina Tapiero: We are a lot closer this year than we have been in the past. There’s a great dynamic between the players with more seniority, and the younger players, which is really great to see.
What’s the biggest challenge about being captains?
IM: I play outside of school, so it’s hard to not get overly passionate in games. As a leader I have to remember to be constructive and supportive to all of my teammates.
BT: For me, being assertive is not my strong suit. A lot of times Isabelle and I work together to take charge, and I’m really grateful that she’s my co-captain. We really support each other.
What goals do you have for the season?
IM: We want to make sure everyone is really proud of how we do. We want to make sure we are always working hard and giving it our all.
BT: We have a lot of new players on the team this year, and I want to support everyone and make sure that they have a great time, and also learn to love the sport.
What’s your favorite part of water polo?
IM: It’s a team sport and I love being part of a group of people that are all working for the same goal. I think it’s a lot of fun.
BT: I’ve been a swimmer for a really long time, so I love being in the water. The fun thing about water polo is that it’s also a team sport.
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