Big Red Profile: Vivien Schmitz ‘21

Ashley Duraiswamy ‘20
Last year, Vivien Schmitz ‘21 tried water polo for the first time. Now, as a junior, she’s an avid member of the girls’ varsity water polo team.
Ashley Duraiswamy: How long have you been playing water polo?
Vivien Schmitz: I started last year, so this is my second year.
AD: So you joined the varsity team during your second year?
VS: Yes, and I was a starter last year as well. We don’t really have cuts—we have varsity and JV together because we’re a small team. But it was because I was a starter last year, I swam, and the coach said I was good.
AD: What do you enjoy most about playing water polo?
VS: Water polo is a team sport—you have to interact with other people. You get to talk in the water, so it’s not like swimming, where you just swim laps. I also like that it’s a contact sport.
AD: How would you describe your team’s dynamic?
VS: I would say it’s really good. Our team is very close because we’re a smaller team than other teams. We’ve done a lot of team bonding, and we also work very well together in the water—everyone knows that we’re doing.
AD: What were your goals for the season, both for yourself and for your team?
VS: For myself, I hope that my shots get better because right now I’m the main defense, but I really wish I could shoot better. And I think for the team, we’re going to lose two very strong players—Bettina [Tapiero ‘20] and Isabelle [Monaghan ‘20], our captains—and Sara [Ptaszynska ‘20] as well. I know our team is strong right now, and I hope that we can fill those spots perfectly for next year.
AD: Do you have any specific plans for how you want to improve?
VS: Not really. I think right now for me it’s just about trying the most, especially during shooting drills, or [going to] Al Rashid to get stronger.
AD: Can you describe what it’s been like to work with your captains?
VS: We’ve been working really well with our captains. Isabelle was captain last year as well, so she kind of knew how to do it already. And they’ve been really good—they’ve done a lot for the team.
AD: Is there anything you or your teammates have done so far that you’re especially proud of?
VS: I’m proud that a lot of people—especially new people—have tried very hard. We also have many more subs now because these new people got so much stronger and better, so I’m really proud of that. Juliette [Peel ‘22] has also been playing amazing!
AD: Is there anything else you would like to say about water polo?
VS: It’s a good sport—I love to play it!
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