Big Red Profile: Jack Taylor ‘20

Kajal Dongre ‘22
Jack Taylor ‘20 is a varsity football player who has excelled both on and off the field. Learn what lessons the game has taught him and what he loves most about football.
KD: What position do you play?
JT: I play offensive tackle.
KD: How long have you been playing football at Lawrenceville and in general?
JT: This is my third season at Lawrenceville and my ninth year total.
KD: What’s your favorite part about being on the team?
JT: My favorite part of the team is definitely my teammates. It's going to sound like a cliche, but, in the middle of the season, going out to the practice field with the boys is the best thing in the world.
KD: How has playing football affected you?
JT: Playing football affected me in many ways. I learned that anyone can contribute to a collective. In football, there are different types of players on the field. There are the smaller fast guys who can play receiver. The medium build guys play tight-end or linebacker. Finally, there are the big guys up front who play in the trenches. Different types of athletes form to make a collective effort happen. This also translates to the business world as well. I appreciate football taught me that.
JT: What’s the team dynamic like?
Overall, the team dynamic here is pretty cool. I met most of my close friends through the team so leading the team together makes us try and be the guys we looked up to during our first years. The team is competitive and fun. I also love the coaches. Having a staff that genuinely cares about you as a player reinforces the drive I have about playing football. Playing the sport here has definitely been something I look forward to here.
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