Big Red Profile: Bella Koch ‘22

Dhillon Choudhri ‘22
Bella Koch ‘22 plays both varsity field hockey and girls’ lacrosse for Lawrenceville. She hopes to make a big impact this year in both sports and is excited about what the future holds in her athletic career.
Dhillon Choudhri: How long have you been playing field hockey?
Bella Koch: I’ve been playing for three years now. I played a little in middle school and I played here last year.
DC: Is field hockey your main sport?
BK: No, lacrosse is my main sport.
DC: What position do you play?
BK: I usually play right forward.
DC: What has been your favorite part about Lawrenceville field hockey over the last two years?
BK: I really like the team and I love the coach. We have such a great team environment and everyone is always supporting each other. It is a lot of fun but we also work really hard at the same time.
DC: What is the most memorable part of your Lawrenceville Field Hockey career?
BK: We [recently] won the MCT [Mercer County Tournament] which was really fun because it was such a competitive game. It was really exciting to win because we all worked so hard to get there and we really came together on the field for that win.
DC: What are your personal goals for field hockey?
BK: I want to continue being supportive of my teammates and working as hard as I can to get better and develop as a player moving forward.
DC: What are your plans for athletics in college? Do you want to play field hockey or lacrosse in college?
BK: I really want to play college lacrosse, but something I really like about Lawrenceville is that we are required to play a sport every term. This helps encourage us all to diversify our athletics and helps us stay in shape. It also helps socially because it allows us to meet new people and bond as teammates. So, at this point, [my preference] is mainly lacrosse, but I would definitely be open to playing field hockey moving forward
DC: What advice would you give to new players who are trying out for field hockey?
BK: Always try your best and work as hard as you can outside of just practice. Stay as focused as you can and try not to worry about outside issues when you step onto the field.
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