Big Red Profile: Colin Miles ‘21

Dhillon Choudhri ‘22
Colin Miles ‘21 plays boys’ varsity water polo and was one of the team’s leaders this year. Big Red finished 17-9, highlighted by an undefeated (5-0) run in the Lawrenceville Invitational Boy’s Water Polo Tournament.
Dhillon Choudhri: How long have you been playing water polo?
Colin Miles: I have been playing since I was seven or eight.
DC: What position do you play?
CM: It generally changes, but last year I played wing and this year I have played driver.
DC: Most people don’t know that much about water polo as a sport. Can you give a little insight into the kind of training and practice that goes into the game?
CM: We train by working on our swimming, a lot of leg workouts and drills. Legs are probably the most important part of water polo because you need to be able to get up out of the water and move around quickly.
DC: What is the most memorable part of your Lawrenceville water polo career?
CM: I think for me my best memory with the team was [in my first year] in a game against Germantown. It was my first time starting for the team and it was kind of the real beginning of my career. Although we lost the game, everyone played really well and it was extremely close. Everyone was really energetic and excited about the game, which was really awesome to see as someone who was on the younger side.
DC: What were your goals for this season?
CM: Personally, I wanted to enjoy it as much as I could because I know I probably won’t continue playing in college. For the team I wanted us to be the best that we could be by the end of the season.
DC: Is water polo something you would like to pursue at the collegiate level? Do you have any plans for athletics in college?
CM: I would love to play in college, and if I were provided with the opportunity, I would definitely play.
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