Lawrenceville Hosts College Counseling Conference

Lawrenceville is pleased to host the 2020 Mid-Atlantic Gathering of Independent School College Counselors today. More than 100 college counselors are sharing their expertise on the unique challenges of their profession, including ethics, standardized testing, early decision/early admission decisions, financial aid, technology, student stress, diversity, and more. They were joined by keynote speakers John T. McLaughlin (University of Pennsylvania Vice Dean/Director of Admissions) and Eric Furda (University of Pennsylvania Dean of Undergraduate Admissions).
“This gathering is my favorite event of the year,” said Jeff Durso-Finley, Lawrenceville’s co-director of College Counseling. Holly Burks Becker, also a Lawrenceville College Counseling co-director, said, “It feels great to be with colleagues for a day of interesting, dynamic problem-solving.”
In his welcome to attendees, Lawrenceville School Head Master Steve Murray lauded the college counselors for the important work they do. He emphasized their critical role in helping colleges create purposefully diverse student bodies. Lawrenceville, where 53 percent of current Lawrentians are students of color, Murray said, may be among the most diverse communities in which students live or work. “We want to show our students that they can live thoughtfully together in a diverse community - and show the world that it can be done,” he stated.
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