Change the Life of a Local Kid: Register for the Virtual Big Red Race

Change the life of a Lawrence Township kid: sign up today for the Virtual Big Red Race. Registration is $25 ($15 if you are under age 18) and you can run, walk, skate, ride, dance, swim, hop, skip – be creative! – for 5K between now and June 7. That’s it! All proceeds benefit the School Camp, which, for more than a century, has been providing a summer camp experience for local, underserved kids.
School Camp Director Kelly Wise tells us how just two weeks at “Scamp” can make such a difference:
I start every single camp session around our opening campfire with a version of this speech followed by every counselor and camper sharing their hopes for the session:
There is an old saying that you can learn more about a person in an hour of play than a year of work. Over the next two weeks we will get to learn a lot about each other since our only real responsibility is to let go and play! We will eat meals together, we will learn new things, we will play games, we will have deep conversations, we will challenge each other and ourselves, we will have fun, and we will connect. We will live in the moment and laugh, cry, reflect, and play. My hope for all of you is that you fully engage in the experience and enjoy every minute of Scamp.
We close every camp session with a reminder of how we connected and engaged over play followed by every counselor and camper sharing their best memories of their session. These stories, memories, and moments are what make The Lawrenceville School Camp truly the best place in the world.
In a time when world circumstance has forced us to connect and live virtually it makes me long for the laughter, conversations, tears, eye contact, music, energy and excitement of Scamp. The pure joy that radiates from our campers as they pass their swim tests and earn their sinkers, run though the field of dreams, jump off the dock, catch fish, and giggle from their cabins after lights out is rivaled only by the sense of pride and connection emanating from our counselors as they learn how to fully engage with their campers and embody true leadership. It is in this dual purpose that we find the true magic of Scamp; it serves both our campers and our counselors equally.
We cannot help others grow and evolve without growing and evolving ourselves. Our campers and counselors have the best times of their lives while learning how to connect, engage, and challenge themselves in a safe environment. The beauty of it all is that from the outside it looks and feels like play.
For additional information, please contact Lisa M. Gillard Hanson, director of Public Relations, at

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