The Big Red Farm: Delivering Healthy and Wholesome Food

What’s happening at the Big Red Farm? Filmmaker Gus Macdonald introduces us to the Katahdin sheep, the Berkshire and Chester White pigs, and all of the other personalities happily residing at and working on Lawrenceville’s Big Red Farm, which produces healthy food for the School.
Big Red Farm Operations Manager Ian Macdonald describes students as being the lifeblood of the Farm, stating, "They seed, they plant, they harvest, and boy do they have fun! We make hot sauce, we make marinara, and we have pickling parties."
Macdonald works in collaboration with Steve Laubach, Director of Sustainability, and John Hughes, Director of Experiential Education - but it takes a village, and "Chicken Al" Veltri and many others bring their expertise to keep everything running smoothly.

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