Lawrentians Spring Back to Campus

Ryan Jahn ‘22
While students enjoyed connecting over Zoom during a virtual winter term, the Lawrenceville campus has been buzzing with energy as students from all over the world are now back for spring term.
To reduce the risk of virus transmission, Lawrentians have found many ways to bond and interact through fun outdoor activities, events, and games. The Bowl, Circle, and Crescent are once again alive as Lawrenceville students spend their free time playing spikeball, football, frisbee, and watching outdoor movies. House porches are filled with Housemates catching up with one another. The tents that spread out around campus give students a place to connect with their friends and peers, while having a bite to eat from Irwin. Speaking of food, Main Street is also once again buzzing with students and faculty grabbing an early morning coffee at Starbucks, or a slice of pizza at TJ’s. The many Lawrenceville traditions that bring our community together like House feeds and Saturday night free play on the turf fields have the whole campus excited and optimistic for a great spring term.
While students are exhilarated to spend their free time with friends, Housemates, and peers, we are even more excited to jump back into in-person classes. During the first few days back, classes have been thrilling. Teachers and students did not skip a beat and leaped back into hands-on activities and socially distant group work. Most importantly, engaging Harkness discussions around an actual Harkness table have resumed! For the past few weeks, numerous meaningful class discussions have taken place, as Lawrentians spring back into their normal groove.
Lawrentians have been looking forward to the spring term for the past few months, excited to return to our second home on campus. With good weather in the forecast, a beautiful campus, and an invigorated student body and faculty, this will be a promising, fun-filled term where students will learn a lot from their teachers, mentors, and friends.      
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