Tuning in at WLSR

Cameron Johnson ‘17
The Lawrenceville School’s radio station, WLSR, began as an AM station around 50 years ago and is now an interactive, online experience. A group of 13 active DJs host nightly shows, five times a week, “broadcasting” from the Bunn Library. WLSR is known for its variety in musical genres such as pop, country, classic rock, hip hop, and indie rock, plus live performances. All of these shows are available for listening (both live and recorded) on the WLSR-Lvilleradioclub Mixlr web page.

The student DJ shows run from 7:00 p.m.-10:00 p.m. every weeknight. The rest of the schedule is programmed by club advisor Kevin Connell (head of Bunn Library technology and bibliographic services). DJs select songs for their shows depending on their interests and preference. Songs are streamed from their personal collections as well as from Spotify, Pandora, and even YouTube. Amulya Tadimety ’17, WLSR co-president, explained “[Our} DJs choose such a variety of eclectic music from all over the world. It’s really interesting that we have DJs who are so passionate about discovering new music.” WLSR also has talk shows, which are gaining popularity among Lawrentians from all Forms.

Adia Weaver ’17, co-president of WLSR, has been DJing since her first term at Lawrenceville. She summed up her experience by saying, “I love getting an hour to myself to share all of my thoughts, ideas, and favorite music with the Lawrenceville community. As someone who is very introverted it’s really easy to keep my perspective and opinions to myself and (WLSR) is a really a great opportunity to get out there and show my stuff to the world.”

If you are a current Lawrentians and would like to join WLSR, please contact kconnel@lawrenceville.orgatadimety17@lawrenceville.org, or aweaver17@lawrenceville.org.

For additional information on all Lawrenceville School news, please contact Lisa M. Gillard Hanson, director of Public Relations, at lgillard@lawrenceville.org.

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