Celebrating the Bath House Café and Its Supporters

Distinguished guests gathered for the official dedication of the Bath House Café on the eve of Alumni Weekend following a year-long interior renovation that included the addition of a glass-walled conservatory and installation of a lighted terrace. The space played host to many of the generous donors who made the renovation possible – trustees, alumni and parents whose names were on display on commemorative plaques. Since opening its doors last fall, the renovated Bath House Café has served as a place for students from all Houses and Forms to gather for a bite to eat, informal entertainment, coffee and conversation. Board of Trustees President Tom Carter ’70 P’01 ’05 marked the occasion by offering a toast to Lawrenceville, to coeducation, to the Bath House Café, and to all Lawrentians – past, present, and future. It was a wonderful tribute and a fitting start to Alumni Weekend 2016.

One of the oldest buildings on campus, true to its name the Bath House was erected in 1885 as a place for students to wash up. Since 1902, it has served many other functions, including as a music building, barber shop, art studio, radio station, clubhouse for the Black Students Society, and headquarters for the Outdoor Programs and Sustainability offices. While its history holds memories of a different time on campus, its recent conversion to a student center – bridging the gap between old and new, Circle and Crescent, boys and girls – makes the Bath House Café a landmark contribution to the School in all it represents.

Interior renovations to the original building included digital upgrades to give the Bath House the functionality of an Internet café. The addition of a glass conservatory and large outdoor terrace created a student center for all Lawrentians to enjoy. Located at the nexus of the Circle and the Crescent, it has quickly become a hub for student socializing.

“Renovating the Bath House was a collective effort,” explained trustee and lead donor Jeff Dishner ’83 P’15 in his remarks. “Every gift is appreciated and I’d like to especially acknowledge our (other) lead donors: Sandra and Paul Allen P’14 ’16 ’17 with their children Mark ’14, Caroline ’16 and Edward ’17; Karin and Lonnie Howell ’71 P’11 ’13; Hae Sun Hwang and Joon Mo Kwon P’15 ’19; Peter Lawson-Johnston ’45 GP’95 ’98 ’15 ’18; Craig Lucas ’81; Grant Pothast P’14 ’16 ’17; Amanda and Dan Tapiero ’86; and Seth Waugh ’76.” Jeff went on to share a personal story about a conversation he had with his daughter, Katherine Dishner ’15, following the traditional pinning ceremony at Alumni Weekend last year. “She thanked me for giving her the opportunity to attend Lawrenceville. Her words brought a tear to my eye and joy to my heart,” he said. “Moments like these amplify the deep and enduring meaning of the Lawrenceville experience.”

The Crescent Initiative, marking 25 years of coeducation at Lawrenceville and funding the construction of the Bath House Terrace, was another collaborative effort. Representing the lead donors who helped the initiative surpass its fundraising goal, Alex Buckley Voris ’96 and Corrie Schankler ’98 acknowledged the leadership support of Alex’s mother, Marjorie Buckley P’96 ’99 GP’09; Corrie’s parents, Judith Corrente H’01 and Wim Kooyker P’98 ’01; Chris and Bob Dow P’08; Jean Fang ’90; Chuck Murphy ’66 P’90 ’95; and Lynn and Bob Johnston ’54 P’92 ’94.

Other donors to the Bath House Café renovation and the Crescent Initiative are listed below.
Kate and Wes Brooks ’71 H’09 P’03 ’05
Jake L. Cooper ’12
Philip G. Groves ’87 P’15 ’18
Ryan S. ’02, Carol Ann and Leigh W. Lockwood ’65 P’97 ’02
in memory of Lisa A. Lockwood ’97
Amy ’15, Susan and Henson J. Orser ’83 P’15
Robert L. Rosner ’77
Kerry C. and T. Robert Zochowski, Jr. ’82 P’13
Kelly C. Zochowski ’13
Janie H’40 and Henry C. Woods, Jr. ’40 H’59 ’62
Sarah Dinkins Antor ’94
George K. Atwood ’82 P’12 ’18
Melissa Lumpkin Baez ’94
Richard Baldwin, Jr. ’58 P’89 ’90
Rocky Barber ’69 P’08
The Barnes Family: Emma ’11, Kelley ’13 and Meg ’19
Cydney Chase Bartell ’02
James M. Beardsley ’56 P’88
Bayne and Scott Belair ’65 P’08 ’09
Christine Hewitt Belin ’93
Cynthia Stencel Betz ’91
Adena Kemper Blum ’02
Frederic and Judy Brace P’09 ’12 ’14
Courtney duBois Brady ’95
Catherine E. Bramhall ’88
Hyman J. Brody ’75 P’07 ’08 ’11
Sarah W. Brooks ’05
Celeste Mellet Brown ’94
James B. Brown ’85 P’14 ’16 ’19
Sean Brown ’94
Whitney Hailand Brown ’91
Jeannette and Willard Bunn III ’62 P’93 ’01 ’03 ’07
Regina Gorski Carolan ’92
Katherine S. and Vincent J. Cahill, Jr. ’68 P’09
Tzu-Yi Chen ’92
Oakley Dominick Cobb ’91
Nicholas A. Corcoran ’79 P’14
Linda LeFever Costello ’92
Jane Lynch Crain ’99
Andrew M. Danzig ’78 P’15
Emilie MacLean Delehanty ’94
Christina Seix and Robert Dow P’08
Lindsay J. Dow ’08
Elizabeth A. Duffy H’43 ’55 ’79 ’15 P’19
Briana C. Ehret ’12
Jean S. Fang ’90
Joseph M. Fitzgerald III ’67 P’99 ’03
Amanda Gordon Fletcher ’92
Jennifer Foley Foster ’91
Alicia L. Fox ’91
The Fuller Family: Sue and Mort ’60 P’89 ’01
Liza Fuller ’89 and Tracey Langfitt ’01
Sarah B. Funderburg ’13
Laura Windatt Galante ’90
Lisa Burnett Garnett ’98
John E. Gore, Jr. H’64
Elizabeth M. Gough ’03
Christopher Graham ’64 P’02
G. Gardiner Green, Jr. ’59 P’95
Katherine E. Hacker ’94
Deirdre Ehret Hague ’06
Leita V. Hamill H’65 ’88 ’99 P’96 ’99
Carol Haverty ’90
Patricia Gadsden Hill ’01
Christine and Geoffrey T. Ho ’79 P’13 ’15
Penny and Rob Hoffman P’04 ’05 ’09 ’11
Heather Elliott Hoover ’91
Jacqueline and John C. Hover II ’61 P’91
in honor of Molly Hover McCooey ’91
Daggett H. Howard, Jr. ’70 P’06
John and Harriet Huston, Jr.
P’06 ’07 ’09 ’10 ’12
Nikki Hwa ’14 and Christian Hwa ’17
Courtney Phillips Hyder ’92
Catharine Clarke Ingersoll ’99
Robert F. Johnston ’54 Family
Nina M. Kumar ’02
Megan Dubbs Leddy ’93
Ryan S. ’02, Carol Ann and Leigh W. Lockwood ’65 P’97 ’02
in memory of Lisa A. Lockwood ’97
George E. Long, Jr. ’84 P’15 ’18
Deborah H’10 and John Lynch P’10
Lucretia C. Lyons ’88
Victor and Teru Matsui P’74 ’76 GP’12 ’14 ’17
Amory Donelly McAndrew ’99
Mary Elizabeth McClellan
H’50 ’52 ’57 ’59 ’65 ’79 GP’10
Jane and Frederick R. McCord ’63 P’92 ’93 ’95
in honor of Meredith McCord ’92 and Anne McCord Goss ’95
Richard T. McDonough ’84 P’15
Katharine Michaels McDowell ’92
Robert A. McEwan ’66 P’97
Dara Williams Miles ’90 P’18
Lynne M. Mullervy ’07
William J. Nictakis ’78 P’13 ’14 ’16
Nicole M. Orr ’93
Amy ’15, Susan and Henson J. Orser ’83 P’15
The Parratt Family
Joanna Weinstein Partridge ’91
Scott M. Quackenbush ’73 P’13 ’16
Madeline A. Reese ’12
Eleanor Mason Reinholdt ’92
The Ringo Family – Philip ’60, Peter ’63 and Jeannie ’88
Jennie Robles ’97
Heather Woods Rodbell ’91
Kirk D. Rule ’86 P’15 ’20
Robin Wood Sailer ’94
Corrente A. Schankler ’98
Nicole Lassiter Schaufele ’88
Margaret Susan Schoelwer ’00
Leucretia Brown Shaw ’94
Lauren J. Shipley ’88
Arun Singh ’87 P’15
Jennifer Ridley Staikos ’91
Annie Hannan Sullivan ’88
Melissa Kaman Swanson ’95 and Reva and Charles E. Murphy III ’66 P’90 ’95
Richard M. Sword ’71 P’03 ’05 ’08
Ryann Galloway Tacha ’03
Merrell B. Thompson ’88
Michael W. Tiernan ’68 P’01 ’05 ’09, Elizabeth ’01, Margaret ’05 and Hillary ’09
Jacqueline Tsai ’00
Alexandra Buckley Voris ’96
J. William Wauters, Jr. ’67 P’01
Elizabeth Greenberg Wilkinson ’02
Catherine F. Wilson ’12
Emily M. Wilson ’05
The Wojciechowicz Family
Richard C. Woodbridge ’61 P’93
May Tan and Hock Yap P’04 ’08
Cahill Zoeller ’00

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