Lawrenceville 6-5-1 on Hill Weekend

The Hill School is not Big Red’s home, but that didn’t stop Lawrenceville from going 6-5-1 in Pottstown on Saturday.
Boys’ Varsity Soccer: 2-4 (loss)
Girls’ Varsity Soccer: 4-2 (win)
Boys’ Junior Varsity Soccer: 1-0 (win)
Girls’ Junior Varsity Soccer: 1-1 (tie)
Boys’ Freshman Soccer: 4-0 (win)
Girls’ Varsity Field Hockey: 0-2 (loss)
Girls’ Junior Varsity Field Hockey: 0-1 (loss)
Boys’ Varsity Football: 23-33 (loss)
Girls’ Varsity Tennis: 7-0 (win)
Girls’ Thirds Tennis: 5-3 (win)
Boys’ Varsity Cross Country: 28-28 (Loss. Hill’s sixth runner defeated Lawrenceville’s sixth runner to break the tie)
Girls’ Varsity Cross Country: 23-32 (win)
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