Musician of the Week: Tony Damian ‘19

Biren Reddy ‘19
Musician and singer Tony Damian ‘19 is Lawrenceville’s musician of the week. Damian sings in The Lawrentians and plays trumpet for the Jazz Ensemble. You can see Damian perform in the Dec. 2 Jazz Concert, beginning at 7:00 p.m., in the Clark Music Center’s Dresdner Hall.
Biren Reddy: When did you start singing and playing the trumpet?
Tony Damian I started singing when I came to Lawrenceville and I started playing trumpet in the fifth grade.
BR: What do you like most about performing music? What motivates you?
TD: Performing, to me, means telling a story to the audience. My interpretation of the music in terms of how I deliver each phrase is what makes that story compelling and worthwhile. This ability to evoke emotion through the music that I play is what motivates me.
BR: What have been some of the challenges you have faced while pursuing music in Lawrenceville?
TD: Time management has always been a challenge I have faced while pursuing music, especially here at Lawrenceville. I have rehearsal once a week for both Jazz and Orchestra, and the Lawrentians doubles as a class, so I do not get a free period like most other juniors and seniors. However, the sacrifices I have had to make to pursue my passions are worth spreading music throughout the school’s community.
BR: What is your favorite part (or ensemble) of Lawrenceville music?
TD: I enjoy every ensemble I participate in, but The Lawrentians is certainly my favorite. The ability to create and share music with my own voice sets singing apart from playing an instrument because I feel more connected with the music I am performing both physically and mentally.
BR: What has been your favorite performing experience at Lawrenceville?
TD: Lessons and Carols is by far one of the most exciting experiences here at Lawrenceville and it is my personal favorite. The gathering is an incredible departing gift from the school to its students just before we leave for Winter break when it is freezing cold outside and the anticipation of Christmas is in the air. I value this opportunity that I have to perform in front of the entire school community as we prepare to return to our families for the holidays.
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