5 Questions 4: Christian Luu ‘19

Ever wanted a robot to fold your clothes? So does Christian Luu ’19 – and he may be the person who invents it. This self-described “Space Geek” tells us his dreams for travel, photography, and even a machine that would give him an extra 20 minutes of sleep – and still get him to class on time – in this week’s 5 Questions 4.
Q: What is your favorite machine/tool in the Fabrication Lab?
Christian Luu: The 3D printer is my favorite machine - I can make anything from robotic parts like mounts and braces, or everyday objects like desk organizers and phone holders. If you want anything made custom, you can make it with 3D printing... as a matter of fact, I'd choose a 3D printer over a regular paper, 2D printer any day.
Q: If you could create a robot to do anything you wanted, what would it be?
CL: Realistically, I would create the Foldinator 1000, a robot that folded my clothes. Who likes folding clothes?
Unrealistically, I would create The Final Minutes, a robot that sat me upright in bed, dressed me, put on my backpack, brushed my teeth, and transported me to classes every morning - only when I was already in class would it shock me to wake me up. I really like sleeping - the extra 20 minutes that The Final Minutes could provide would be more valuable than its weight in gold (and it would probably be extraordinarily heavy)!
Q: What is your favorite place, thing, or person to photograph?
CL: I love taking landscape photos and photos of nature in general because it contrasts so greatly with the hectic lives of society, and especially Lawrenceville students. I'd say my best works are the ones that, when I look at, send chills down the spine of my back - it makes me appreciate what our planet has to offer.
Q: If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?
CL: Well, being a space geek, I actually want to visit Mars. From when I was a kid and I discovered that people were remotely driving rovers (at the time, I thought they were cars) on a barren planet, I've been fascinated. I looked into why people dedicated their lives to studying something that can't even touch - at least, not in the very near future - and realized that even though it looks empty and desolate, underneath the surface, there is so much history - understanding its history would allow us to understand our planet's. Plus, isn't cool to say you've been to all these countries AND Mars?!
Q: What has been your favorite Lawrenceville class so far?
CL: My spring term English class, “Essay Writing,” with Ms. Findlay is my favorite class. In addition to learning how to write, well, essays, I learned so much about myself. Many of the things I wrote about myself and my perspectives, I contemplated about for the first time in that class.
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