5 Questions 4: David Hernandez ‘19

What questions should every prospective student ask? Why is Hamill the best Circle House? And what’s a must-have dining hall dessert? David Hernandez ’19 shares his insights in this week’s 5 Questions 4.
What has been your favorite Lawrenceville class so far?
My favorite class has been “Honors Physics with Calculus” (“PhysCalc”) because the course has expanded my learning of different STEM disciplines. I learned how to code in JavaScript which, although it came as a surprise to me, I found myself enjoying a lot. Because of coding in “PhysCalc,” I decided to take “Honors Computer Programming” this year and to study computer programming in college.
What questions should every prospective student ask while touring?
I never had the opportunity to visit the boarding schools I applied to. All I had to pull information from were school websites; that was my only impression of boarding schools. Touring is a unique opportunity where you can experience the school as it is. While touring, it is unnecessary to ask general questions or to ask for statistics because those can simply be taken from the website. A tour allows prospective students to recognize the environment and culture of the school. Students should ask questions that would apply to them if they were attending.
What makes Hamill the best House on the Circle?
Unfortunately, there's not enough space for a satisfactory answer to this question. Put briefly, Hamill is a House that fosters companionship and pride. We help ourselves in whatever way possible because, through house events and other competitions, we share experiences of unity. Once a Hamillite, always a Hamillite. It really is no surprise that the Spirit Award is given to Hamill almost every year.
What have you learned by being a prefect?
The biggest realization I have had while being a prefect is recognizing how adults deal with certain situations. As a kid, I always thought that adults knew exactly what to say and how to deal with any situation. However, as a prefect, I have learned that hasn't really been the case. I am still learning how to be more responsible and working on being a better and more effective prefect.
What is your favorite thing to eat or drink in the dining hall?
They are very rare, but I will always get the churros, especially if they have chocolate inside. Otherwise, I will regularly get the roast beef or steak.
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