5 Questions 4: Shriya Annamaneni ’20

What song would Shriya Annamaneni ’20 add to the repertoire of Lawrenceville’s elite choir – and why does she think music education is so important? The Fourth Former shares this and more in this week’s 5 Questions 4.
What song would you like to add to The Lawrentians repertoire?
I would love to sing Mozart's Lacrimosa in Lawrentians before I graduate. The piece has an incredible soprano part, and because our soprano section is especially strong this year, I feel that we could do it justice.
Why do you plan to use your Welles Grant to study the importance of music education for underserved youth?
Because music has had such a big impact on my life, I have become very interested in music education and the different roles it plays in students’ lives, especially in those of underprivileged students that need more support than I do. After volunteering at Union City Music Project and seeing firsthand how truly life-changing El Sistema music education can be for young people, I realized that the public needed to see and understand how effectively music can be used in our education system.
What has been your favorite Lawrenceville class so far?
My favorite class has been U.S. History, which I am currently taking. Learning about the people and events that formed the country I now call home in 2019 has been so interesting and hearing what my peers think about American issues, both past and present, has taught me a lot.
What advice would you want to give to yourself on your first day at Lawrenceville?
I would tell myself to not get so put down by temporary stress because in the long run, it all helps build character. It's so easy to doubt yourself when you're surrounded by such brilliant minds, but the most important thing Lawrenceville has taught me is how to appreciate being challenged.
Why is Stephens the best Crescent House?
Having a group of people outside of your family that you can trust to always support and encourage you is a really special thing. Regardless of the wide range of interests and personalities in Stephens, we all have such a tight-knit relationship. You really can't find that anywhere else.
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