Big Red Profile: Amy Aririguzoh ‘20

Laura Zvinys ‘20
Amy Aririguzoh is a Fourth Former in the Stephens House, and a crucial member of the track team. She has multiple School records, holding the girls outdoor track record for high jump at 5’7”, and being a part of a record setting 4x400 relay team. Aririguzoh has participated in both the indoor and outdoor New Balance Nationals as both a runner and a jumper.
Laura Zvinys: When and why did you start running track?
Amy Aririguzoh: My older brothers were both involved in a sport, so I also wanted to play one. I tried basketball but I wasn’t very good at it so I switched over to track. I started out with cross country because I had never run before and I thought that I needed to prepare for the spring track season. I liked it so much that I kept running in the spring.
LZ: how did you get involved with so many different events, and which is your favorite?
AA: I started off with the 400 meters and then the 200 meters, which was shorter and more fun. I realized that I liked anything that wasn't above a 400, so I began running the 55, 100, 200 and 400. I tried the 800 because the coaches thought that I would be good at it, but I didn't do as well as I do in other events.
During the spring season of my freshman year, I looked over at the high jump mat and thought that it looked like a really fun event. I asked Coach [Erik] Chaput if I could do it and he told me to try it. I was terrible at first, but I kept practicing because I liked it so much. I tried pole vaulting with [Assistant] Coach [Carlton] Huff, and I think that if I stuck with it, I could become good at it.
I picked up long jumping last year before I got hurt, and I do plan on continuing that, but my favorite event definitely has to be high jump because it comes effortlessly. I train hard for it, but because it’s so fun it doesn’t feel like work.
LZ: What is your favorite part of the track team?
AA: I love the atmosphere that the girls create. It's nice to be around teammates that have good energy and that care and cheer for you. We all understand that track is an individual sport, but once we’re on the track in a group, it doesn't feel like an individual sport because my teammates are right beside me doing the same thing I am.
LZ: What are your personal goals for this season and is there anything you’re looking forward to?
AA: I’m coming back from an injury, so I’d like to get back to where I was during the spring season of last year. I’m excited to run the times that I’ve been preparing for. I ended the last outdoor season with 5’7 in the high jump, so now I’m shooting for 5’8.
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