Dr. Usman Mustafa Elucidates Humanitarian Aid in the Middle East

Isabelle lee ‘21/The Lawrence
Humanitarian and physician Muhammed Usman Mustafa addressed the Lawrenceville community last week. Co-founder of the non-profit organization Rahbar Trust, Mustafa spoke about his current humanitarian aid projects and his organization’s efforts to relieve the effects of the Syrian refugee crisis. The event was sponsored by Lawrenceville’s Humanitarian Aid Society and Darin Khan ’20, who is a family friend of the speaker and invited him to campus.
Mustafa works as an interventional cardiologist at St. Francis Medical Center in Trenton, N.J. Mustafa’s father, also a doctor, frequently organized humanitarian aid camps and invited distinguished medical doctors to host clinics, inspiring Mustafa to follow a similar passion.
Moving to England, Mustafa then established the Rahbar Trust with three of his close friends in 1996. The organization strives to provide communities with medical and humanitarian relief to “shine together” – its motto. Rahbar Trust’s main initiative is establishing medical clinics in Syrian refugee camps throughout the Middle East. During an annual trip to a refugee camp, Khan joined Mustafa to donate solar lanterns for which his Lawrenceville club, Light up the Night, fundraised.
“Once I start giving, I feel so happy,” Mustafa said.
Reflecting on his time at the refugee camps, Khan said, “When I visited the orphanages, the kids were so full of energy and carefree. Though it might not sounds like a lot, one of the kids just simply said, ‘I’m happy.’”
Khan also spoke about what it was like to work with Mustafa, saying, “He is very humble and well-educated. He is selfless, and being a doctor is really only a side passion for him. What he is really doing is trying to figure out ways to best help refugees.”
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