Big Red Profile: Tony Damian ‘19

Laura Zvinys ‘20
Tony Damian ’19 is the captain of the Big Red boys’ varsity swimming and diving team. His leadership skills have provided strength for the team throughout the season.
Laura Zvinys: When and why did you starts swimming?
Tony Damian: I started swimming in the fourth grade. My older brother was swimming, so my parents thought that it would be a good idea for me to start swimming as well.
LZ: What events do you compete in, and have you performed especially well in any particular event this season?
TD: I swim in both the 100 yard freestyle and 100 yard backstroke. I recently got a personal record in the 100 meter backstroke at the Hill relays, which was pretty fun.
LZ: What is the most challenging part of being a captain?
TD: There are moments when it’s difficult to rally everybody, especially during practices. During meets, it’s not as hard because everybody is excited and having a good time, but everyone is not always going to be super excited for every single practice so rallying people in that sense is challenging at times.
LZ: What do you love most about swimming?
TD: I love the fact that swimming is an individual sport and that at the end of the day it’s just you swimming, but I also like that the team is still a very tight knit community. I can be competitive in the way I swim individually, but also when I support others. The team is collaborative in relays and in the sense that we are always cheering for each other.
LZ: How have the coaches influenced you as both a swimmer and as a person?
TD: Over the past four years that I’ve been swimming on the Lawrenceville Swim team, I’ve had various coaches. Every coach that I’ve had has allowed me to witness their passion, dedication and their want to see me succeed whether that be when they’re pushing me in practice, or when they’re giving me critical feedback to help me improve during meets. [Head] Coach [Stephanie] Harrison and [past] Coach [Brent] Ferguson both have both played a very important role in my life in that sense.
LZ: What are your goals for the future and do you plan to continue swimming in college?
TD: I want to have a good time at both States and at Easterns. Beyond Lawrenceville, I plan to continue swimming, whether that be for my school or swimming recreationally on a club team.
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