• New Web Design Seeks to Enhance Alumni Experience

    Alumni may have noticed a new look for the Lawrenceville website, with bolder colors, larger photos, and a more prominent display of the information you access most often. We’ve made it easier to find upcoming events, view the latest alumni news and profiles, locate the nearest regional alumni club, update your information, and contact us and each other. And we’ve made it fully mobile-friendly, since an overwhelming majority of you access our site from your mobile devices. 
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  • Olivia Rose (Fay) Wright ’06 Rallies Women with Fashion

    RALLIER, the women’s clothing company founded by Olivia Rose (Fay) Wright ’06 exactly one year ago, is a shining example of doing well while doing good.
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  • Jane Ferguson ’04 Reports from the Front Lines

    Jane Ferguson ’04 attended Lawrenceville for one year as the 2003-2004 Northern Irish Scholar in a program that seeks to expand international understanding and break down partisan barriers.
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  • Rider Gallery Features Allen Fitzpatrick '73 H'85 '89

    Allen Fitzpatrick '73 H'85 '89 P'99 '04, chair of Lawrenceville's Visual Arts Department, opens a month-long exhibit of his paintings on January 26 with a reception at the Rider University Art Gallery in Lawrenceville. The exhibit is called "Looking," and it will feature both still lifes and landscapes.
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  • Alumni Came to Celebrate Coach Ron Kane ’83 P’20 – and to Play

    It was billed as a celebration of Coach Ron Kane’s 25th year as head coach of the Big Red boys’ varsity basketball team, and a celebration it was, but the several dozen alumni who signed up to commemorate the occasion had clearly come to play. Held Saturday, January 14, this was no pick-up game.
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  • Jay Monahan ’89 Takes Helm at PGA

    On January 1, Jay Monahan ’89 ascended to what may be every weekend golfer’s fantasy job – PGA Tour commissioner. With the Tour since 2008 and having served as its chief marketing officer, deputy commissioner, and chief operating officer, it’s certain that Monahan has what it takes to continue to expand the image and reach of both the organization and the spor
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  • When Kate Moore ’95 Talks, People Listen

    Anyone who recalls the iconic commercials for brokerage firm E.F. Hutton – “when E.F. Hutton talks …” – will surmise from our title that Kate Moore ’95 offers lots of advice on investing, and they’d be right. So much so, in fact, that she’s featured on the cover of the January 2017 annual forecast issue of Kiplinger’s Personal Finance.
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Lawrenceville Lexicon

The Lawrenceville Lexicon was a gift from the Alumni Association to the School at its Bicentennial in 2010. Editor Merrell Noden ’73 and his team of alumni and parents spent three years combing the archives, calling alumni and faculty, and researching everything from trolley lines to golf course architects. Lawrenceville has accumulated many stories over its 200-plus year history.

This is the third edition of the Lexicon, completed in spring 2015.
Through House and Harkness, Lawrenceville challenges a diverse community of promising young people to lead lives of learning, integrity, and high purpose.  Our mission is to inspire the best in each to seek the best for all.