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  • “Between the wish and the thing the world lies waiting.”

    This quote comes from Cormac McCarthy’s All the Pretty Horses and is expressed by Dueña Alfonsa, a character who warns against optimism and romantic notions.
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  • Escaping the Cave, Again

    Plato’s “Allegory of the Cave” stands at the center of what we do here at L’ville. It describes the journey of an individual from the confines and darkness of a cave – a theater of illusion and control – into the clarifying light of the sun.
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  • The Harkness Paradigm: Care not Contest

    I picked up a copy of “Why We Argue (and How We Should): A Guide to Political Disagreement” by Scott Aikin and Robert Talisse. Obviously, Lawrenceville has a significant interest in the rules and roles of argumentation.
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  • Service as an Expression

    Each year in commemoration of Martin Luther King Jr, the School mobilizes to head off campus and serve many different communities.
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  • Would We Prefer Apathy?

    Recently, columnist Frank Bruni wrote in the New York Times about what he sees as a change in how students relate to professors.
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  • Piercing the Veil of Selfish Consciousness

    Some philosophers and cognitive scientists deny it exists, but our School motto claims it endures, and I believe we have seen many examples of it here recently.
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  • Discussions of Virtue and Success

    Lately, I have been thinking of and talking with students about virtue and success. Part of it grows out of our conversations surrounding "The Great Gatsby"...
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  • What Colleges Get Wrong

    It is application season and our great kids are running themselves ragged trying to figure out how to capture your attention.
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  • Gamers

    In the past two years, the boys’ varsity soccer team has seen two on-field leg injuries during games. Both have been stuff to make the faint of heart go queasy.
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  • Turn the Page Sideways

    When they give you lined paper, write the other way. That's the epigraph to Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451, and it's a dangerous commandment.
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  • New Year's Resolutions

    Happy New Year! The academic calendar governs my life much more than the lunar or even the Gregorian calendar. Each new year is a chance to refocus and resolve to be our best self.
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  • Growing In To Greatness

    I’ve been reading Eric Foner’s “The Fiery Trial, Abraham Lincoln and American Slavery.” 
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Meet G. Blake Eldridge '96, Dean of Students

G. Blake Eldridge '96 assumed the role of Dean of Students at Lawrenceville July 1, 2014. Eldridge returned to his alma mater in 2004, when he joined the faculty as an English Master and the boys' varsity soccer head coach. He has served the School in a number of important academic, athletic, and residential life roles over the past decade.
Through House and Harkness, Lawrenceville challenges a diverse community of promising young people to lead lives of learning, integrity, and high purpose.  Our mission is to inspire the best in each to seek the best for all.