Al Rashid Health & Wellness Center

Lawrenceville’s Al Rashid Health and Wellness Center is a 12,300 square foot, 18-bed, facility that accommodates two distinct wings; one for inpatient care, and the other for outpatient care. It is staffed by a physician, nurse practitioner, physician assistant, round-the-clock nurses, x-ray technician, secretaries, licensed psychologists, and a consulting staff consisting of psychiatrists, orthopedists, nurse midwives, and a registered dietician. While School is in session, inpatient and outpatient care is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Medical Forms

Yearly updated medical registration forms, including signed permission to treat, are required before students are allowed to register, attend classes, or participate in athletic events. Forms should be submitted by July 15. These records are kept confidential in the Health and Wellness Center and are prohibited from release unless specific written permission is given. Parents should inform the Health and Wellness Center promptly of any new or changed medical treatment at home during the academic year, particularly if such treatment includes prescribed medications.

Medical Services

The following medical services are provided for The Lawrenceville School students:

  • 24 hour/day physician on-call
  • 24 hour/day nurse on-site
  • Radiology technician availability
  • First aid treatment
  • Allergy Services
  • Suture placement and removal, surgical incision and drainage of local abscesses
  • Post-operative care
  • Unlimited in-patient overnight stays in the Health and Wellness Center
  • Rehabilitation of sports injuries or surgery
  • Laboratory tests & X-rays *
  • Venipuncture for outside lab studies
  • Routine vaccinations and flu vaccine *
  • Travel immunizations* and travel medical advice
  • Single doses of common over the counter medications (Tylenol, Motrin, Sudafed)
  • Orthopedic consultations and ongoing treatment by school consultant, as well as casting and cast removal *
  • Gynecological evaluations and ongoing management by consulting nurse specialist
  • Initial evaluation with nutritionist (1 hour)
  • 24 hour/day emergency counseling evaluation/availability
  • Transportation to local outside appointments on a first come first serve basis *
  • Prescription medications *
  • Drug and alcohol testing *
  • Orthopedic devices, braces, crutches and supports *
  • Outside laboratory tests (billed directly by outside lab)
  • Complete physical exams required for School admission, college or summer camp programs *
  • Outside consultations and specialty services (billed directly by service provider)
  • Processing fee for incomplete or late receipt of medical forms
* Incur additional charge


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  • Bloodborne Illness Policy

    Any student, faculty member, or member of the Lawrenceville community known to have a blood transmittable illness such as HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis must inform the Headmaster and the Medical Director. These individuals will remain a part of the Lawrenceville community for as long as it is safe for him/her to do so. Only those people with an absolute “need to know” will have knowledge of any particular situation. Any information communicated about such individuals will be maintained with strict confidence, subject only to legally mandated disclosure requirements.
  • Health Insurance Policy

    All students must have health insurance while in attendance at The Lawrenceville School. A copy of a current medical insurance card and prescription card must be kept on file in the Health and Wellness Center. Changes in medical insurance information must be updated immediately by contacting the Health and Wellness Center (609-896-0391) or notification in writing or fax (609-895-2056).

    International students and national students who have state (Medicaid) health insurance coverage or non-US based health insurance policies must obtain the comprehensive student health insurance policy offered by The Lawrenceville School. Student Health Insurance Policy information and application is available from the comptroller’s office (609-895-2027).

    Students who have limited US based managed care health insurance requiring primary doctor referrals may experience delays in receiving needed diagnostic procedures and are encouraged to consider the additional coverage provided by the supplemental student health insurance policy. Supplemental student health policy information and application is available from the comptroller’s office (609-895-2027).
  • Medical Leave Policy

    The treatment for certain medical and psychological conditions and behaviors are best handled outside the boarding School setting. Severe depression, eating disorders, suicide attempts, and substance abuse are examples of such conditions and generally require more treatment, support, supervision, and guidance than the boarding School can provide. In some situations, these conditions and behaviors may also create undue disruption in the classroom and the residential life of the School. Should such a situation arise, the School reserves the right to require a medical leave of absence or a medical separation. A voluntary or mandated medical leave of absence may be authorized by the Medical Director, the Dean of Students, and the Form Director in consultation with the student’s Housemaster or Day Advisor to address physical or emotional illnesses that in their judgment cannot be adequately treated in the School setting. These same officials will determine whether and under what conditions that student should return to the School.

    There are generally three forms of medical leaves:


    An approved absence from the School for health reasons lasting no more than two weeks. Once a medical leave decision is made as outlined above, the office of the Dean of Students will notify the student’s teachers. It is expected that Section Masters and the student will communicate during the period of the medical leave to assure adequate maintenance of course work. The responsibility of keeping up with the course work lies with the student.


    An approved absence from the School for health reasons lasting longer than two weeks but no more than one academic year. Often this may require the rest of the current term plus one additional term for stabilization of the student’s condition. The Form Director will consult with Section Masters and department heads to determine the academic consequences of such a leave and will communicate this information to the student and parents.

    Medical Separation 

    A voluntary or mandated absence from the School for health reasons requiring more than an academic year. This leave is reserved for the student who has demonstrated efforts to adjust but for health reasons cannot meet the requirements of the School community, academically or socially. While it involves the loss of the student’s space in the School, it is distinguished from a withdrawal or dismissal in that it leaves open the possibility of application for readmission to the School.

    Return from Medical Leave or Separation

    Prior to a student's return to School, the Medical Director, the Dean of Students, and the Form Director will determine the exact timing of that return in consultation with the student’s Housemaster or Day Advisor. The student and his/her parents must provide the Medical Director with information and access to the treating professionals, as well as reports of social and academic function in the alternate School. The decision regarding return will be communicated to the student and his/her parents by the Dean of Students, Form Director, and Registrar will determine an appropriate academic program.

    Students taking a medical leave or absence from the School for a number of days for whatever reason should contact the Form Director to make arrangements regarding a temporary program of studies.
  • Non-Life-Threatening Policy

    In a serious non-life-threatening injury (see definition below), the medical and nursing staff will evaluate and consult with the school physician before initiating further action. If the school physician cannot be reached, the patient’s injury should be stabilized and then transported to the nearest hospital by ambulance or emergency transport.

    serious non-life-threatening injury is an injury such as a possible fracture, dislocation, spine or neck injury, conscious head injury, serious orthopedic injury or medical illness.
  • Off-Campus Referral Policy

    Referral and transportation to local off-campus specialist are provided upon request and as clinically needed for evaluation and treatment. Diagnostic studies may also be scheduled and arranged with a doctor’s prescription.
  • Parents' Right Policy

    1. The right to inspect and copy their child’s protected health information and any other information contained in the medical record file.
    2. May not inspect or copy psychotherapy notes; information compiled in reasonable anticipation of, or use in, a civil, criminal or administrative action or proceeding; and protected health information that is subject to law that prohibits access to protected health information.
    3. In some circumstances, you may have a right to review a decision that denies you access to information.
    4. The right to request a restriction on the use or disclosure of their child’s protected health information for the purposes of treatment, payment, or healthcare operations.
    5. The right to request in writing that any part of their child’s protected health information is not to be disclosed to family members or friends who may be involved in their child’s care.
    6. If the Al Rashid Health and Wellness Center’s medical/counseling staff is not required to agree to a restriction if it believes it is in the child’s best interest to permit use and disclosure of the child’s protected health information, the child’s protected health information will not be restricted.
    7. If the medical/counseling staff does agree to a requested restriction, they may not use or disclose the child’s protected health information unless it is needed to provide emergency treatment for the child.
    8. The right to request to receive confidential communications of their child’s protected health information from the Al Rashid Health and Wellness Center by alternative means or at an alternative location.
    9. The right to amend their child’s protected health information. In certain cases, the medical/counseling staff may deny the request for amendment.
  • Students' Rights Policy

    1. The right to expect a response to request for services, including evaluation and/or referral, within the school’s health service capacity.
    2. The right to be treated with respect and dignity.
    3. The right to privacy during physical examinations, treatments, discussions, and consultations.
    4. The right to complete information, to the degree known, concerning their diagnosis, treatment and prognosis in terms they can reasonably understand, to the extent permitted by law.
    5. The right to refuse treatment to the extent permitted by law and to receive information about the medical/psychological consequences of this action.
    6. The right to expect continuity of care, including knowing your health care or counseling professional by name, and to be made aware of continuing requirements following your care.
    7. The right to expect that all medical/counseling information shared with their health care providers will be treated confidentially, to the extent permitted by law. If possible, the patient and their parents will be notified before confidential information is released.
    8. The right to receive information of any fees charged regardless of the source of payment, including what services may involve additional charges.
    9. The right to know what Al Rashid Health and Wellness Center rules and regulations apply to their conduct as a patient.
    10. The rights to receive prompt life-saving treatment in an emergency without discrimination on account of economic status, or source of payment and without delaying treatment for purposes of prior discussions of the source of payment unless such delay can be without material risk to their health.
    11. The right to informed consent to the extent provided by law.
    The Student Patient’s Responsibilities include:
    1. To show courtesy and respect to the medical and counseling staff, personnel and other patients.
    2. To follow the rules and regulations of the Al Rashid Health and Wellness Center regarding proper conduct as explained and posted by the Health and Wellness Center staff.
    3. To provide full information about their problem or illness necessary to properly evaluate and treat.
    4. To ask questions and express any concerns about their diagnosis and/or medical/psychological treatment and what is expected of them.
    5. To communicate to the medical/counseling staff if their condition worsens or does not follow the expected course.
    6. To not give to others any medications prescribed for them.
    7. To keep appointments and to notify either the health care professional or the Health and Wellness Center as soon as possible if you are unable to do so.
    8. To respond promptly when they receive a communication from the Health and Wellness Center or health care professional.
    Questions concerning a student’s patient rights and responsibilities should be directed to the Medical Director, Director of Counseling, or the Director of Nursing.


From 1929 to 1976, the Lawrenceville School Infirmary, as it was then known, occupied the Georgian style building that is now the McPherson House. In 1931, the mothers of boys in the School created the Ladies Auxiliary to The Lawrenceville School Infirmary.

With the creation of Parents at Lawrenceville in 1975, the Ladies Auxiliary became the Infirmary Committee, a support organization open to fathers and mothers of Lawrenceville students. In 1976, in recognition of changed patterns of health care and changed needs of adolescents, the School replaced the older building with the Curtis W. McGraw Infirmary. Donated by the immediate family of Curtis Whittesley McGraw ’15, it provides a particularly appropriate memorial because of Mr. McGraw’s intense interest in both health and athletics. In anticipation of Lawrenceville’s move towards coeducation, the School approved adding a wing to the facility in 1987.

As attendance grew at Lawrenceville, so did the need for a larger Infirmary. In 2001, Trustee Clark McKenzie funded a study to research ways to adjust to the ever-growing needs of the Infirmary. Charles Shipley ’35 then provided the funds for design and construction costs. In 2005, when Shipley passed away, Fahad Al-Rashid ’98 generously offered to continue the funding and in January 2009, the Al Rashid Health and Wellness Center officially opened.

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